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Foreign investors 'do not care much about Khodorkovsky'

20.12.2013 14:19

The pardon for Mikhail Khodorkovsky has divided experts over the economic implications of his release, while some consider it to be insignificant for the business climate; others claim that investment in Russia would increase.

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Crni Hakija 22.12.2013 10:12

now erwery bode will invest in russia :D what a joke... they try to distabilaze it not invest...


suricaten 20.12.2013 21:19

Khodorkovsky's release, it was not the only on that was pardoned! All and all, I believe that if one combines Mr. K. and the Greenpeace activists, and then the "so called punkgroup members" pu$$i Riot! Im sure that therewillbe limited attempts to try to find other motives, than this comes on top of Russia's great political breakthru, in Syria and also the big Q? Iran's nuclear programme! Why not let the Kurd's send their own delegation to the Geneva Peace talks! If it is possible, which i doubt!

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