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​‘Egypt’s draft constitution represents interests of Mubarak’s defunct regime’

14.01.2014 19:26

Eleven people have died and 28 have been injured in violent clashes in Egypt on the first day of voting on a new constitution. The vote is likely to spawn a presidential bid by General Abdel Fattah Sisi, expert on Islamic movements, Azzam Tamimi, told RT.

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finnsa 15.01.2014 13:49

How can voting "yes" for a constitution that gives equal rights to women, protects minority groups (Christians etc) and bans fanatical religious parties be a bad thing? Religion has no place in politics and Morsi abused the power afforded to him by the Egyptian people when he systematically removed their rights and turned Egypt into an Islamist State. I hope to see Egypt prosper under a truly democratic secular government.


Lahcen Oizaz 15.01.2014 10:17

Proud Atheist 15.01.2014 04:46

Religion is opium, and Islam is by far the worst of them as other religions do not interfere in the function of the society (NOW).

The Muslim Brothers are a reflection of a society believing that life now should be run the same way as in the Middle ages.

The Army in Turkey should bring down the terrorist Erdogan too.


Re ligion is essential for humanity. Without it, humans will destroy themselves out of despair and fear. Yes many wars are supposedly fought because of religion but in fact it is all because of economics. Follow the money to see trough.


Regula 15.01.2014 08:29

The coup was financed by KSA and the US. KSA couldn't have acted without US approval. It is a repeat of the Pinochet era. Israel also has its hands in it. They are the three nations who prefer despots rather than democratically elected leaders.

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