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100 years of economic turmoil: Is it time to ‘End the Fed’?

Robert Bridge has worked as a journalist in Russia since 1998. Formerly the editor-in-chief of The Moscow News, Bridge is the author of the book, “Midnight in the American Empire.”

December 23, 2013 13:44

Since the magical moment of its inception on Dec. 23, 1913, the Federal Reserve System has been a source of controversy and even contempt for a growing number of Americans, many of whom are still feeling the sting of the latest financial crisis.

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Emmett 17.04.2014 01:02

When politicians against the constitution allowed the federal reserve bank to take over the printing of US currency the fate of US was sealed.

The evil that men do live long after them and 100 years later the federal reserve bank is proof of that.


Shirley Swanepoel 02.01.2014 04:34

YESSSS, and kick all Zionist bankers out of the USA.


Zeitgeisttt 27.12.2013 05:58

Since the magical moment of its inception on Dec. 23, 1913,.....and they are still making magic money keeping us slaves through there debt the gallows they should go....


will 26.12.2013 07:46

How convenient get it get.....set up corporation, have buddies in fed print you a pile of money and your on your way. Do it for a 'select cultural group' and is it any wonder why the best and most profitable businesses and properties are owned by 'select' people?? Excellent way for a power grab of a this case the USA


t.hollingsworth 25.12.2013 20:59

[quote name='free-world-log ic' consider the FED benchmark of reserve banks and central banks the world over in how to manage currency.


mergon 25.12.2013 11:34

leaving racisim and anti semitizim aside Germany in the run up to the 1930s was classic model of how the Jews took over the money markets on a large scale ,
after the war they looked to America for a new life ,look at America today they are in every level of banking and government .


Regula 25.12.2013 08:27

"True capitalism and free-market ideology demands that the ineffective organizations fail, while the healthy ones grow."

If that were so, the US government would long have had to fall - but it is propped up by large corporations who in turn decide policy for their own benefit and to prop each other up when risky gambles fail.

Bridg e doesn't mention that the US has long stopped being capitalistic and instead entered the age of neo-liberalism or turbo capitalism. The latter has nothing to do with healthy or sick organizations, it has to do with power over money and policy to proliferate power over money and policy.


Regula 25.12.2013 08:20

Samuel von Staunton 24.12.2013 19:30

Wh y is it so difficult for some to learn from history?


The answer is simple: every epoch sees only the differences with the past but doesn't analyze the principles, which caused the effect.

Loo ked at as a principle, what the FED and the Wall St. banks and large corporations do is a recapitulation of aristocracy and monarchy. Obama made that clear at his inauguration, which looked more like a coronation than a democratic institution of a new president. Conversely, we the people really only amount to working class peasants - or: slaves.


t.hollingsworth 25.12.2013 06:32

Bridge makes no mention of the astonishing top-heaviness of Jews at many of the top posts in the Fed. They're overly represented on the Fed's governing board, and in each of the 12 member banks. The last three Fed chairmen have been Jews. Yellen is the fourth, I believe. Maybe the author feels that it's all just a coincidence.


ZeroZeroZero 24.12.2013 23:35

Solution in simple - like ECB where they put profits into country budget, FED gives it's profits to private owners (regional FED offices are owned by private banks, that's where profits go now) and a lot of them are not even Americans. So Americans don't have their money and their language, they are just experiment of global bankers.


Samuel von Staunton 24.12.2013 19:30

When Rome was at its high point, interest was frozen at 10% and compound interest, along with other forms of usury, was forbidden under penalty of death. When these restrictions were disregarded the republic fell into decline. They were revived by the early emperors and Rome began to flourish again. Yet after e couple of generations this law was disregarded and Rome slid once more into ruin, this tim never to recover.

Wh y is it so difficult for some to learn from history?


Helical 24.12.2013 18:56

" Is it time to ‘End the Fed ’ ? Yes it is long overdue.

Yo u need Public Banking in ALL American States and the Government Bank run on the principals laid out below.

The BRADBURY POUND - Debt Free Banking.


RYBY 24.12.2013 17:29

What does it matter if the fed was ended? The morality of this country is gone to nothing. Along with the intellegence of the average person!

The y would just find another way to steal from people. It's like how they calculate inflation.

How many of you know that Energy, food & Housing are NOT in the equation when calculating inflation. The offical governement calculation has changed (5) times in the last 20 years!!

It stands at 2% a year. It's more like 10% a year. Thanks all you idiot's for doing nothing with your lives. Sadest part of it all is your children are going to be the ones that really pay!!!


Asclepius 24.12.2013 14:03

Those obscenely rich people should be dispossessed.

Nobody should have more wealth than 375,000 people in the same country!

'C ause his hope was a rope.. Feddy's dead!

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