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Ukraine dodges 'EU death spiral'

William Engdahl is an award-winning geopolitical analyst and strategic risk consultant whose internationally best-selling books have been translated into thirteen foreign languages.

November 22, 2013 04:02

The EU ‘horror show’ would not have offered Ukraine any financial benefits, geopolitical analyst William Engdahl told RT. He argues that multinational corporations just want to use Kiev to extract the resources of yet another European country.

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Seha Alturk 29.12.2013 20:36

EU has a lot to offer: Hypocrisy, double standards, weapon sales, democracy lessons ( while torturing suspects in the CIA detention facilities under its current chair, Poland), being a proxy in NSA surveillance, giving itself a Nobel Peace P for colonial wars, a bankrupt economy with unemployment levels higher than that of Great Depression in four member states , and the list goes on and on!


Gabriel Acobian 27.12.2013 03:08

It is absolutely clear that joining the EU would be economic suicide for Ukraine as it is for all the former soviet block nations that are slaving for Europe.


Alex P. 23.11.2013 02:40

Lilly OfTheValley 22.11.2013 12:09

The question is, will Ukraine be able to dodge the Russian hug of death? Stronger countries have tried and failed. We will see.


No w let me tell you about a real hug-of-death. Take this scenario: Fall out-foreign weapons purchases-political alignment-provocatio n-disaster-humiliati on-return to cooperation with Russia.

I have just walked you step by step through Georgia's hug of death by the United States. Nothing but humiliation and territorial deprivation. So don't fookin lecture anyone about any "Russian hugs of death" fool.


Coady Paquette-Nemchuck 23.11.2013 01:15

Its only a suspension of negotiations, not a full cancellation. As an ethnic Ukrainian, I don't want to see the country slip into the financial turmoil of the EU. Ukraine is not Greece! It must not allow itself to become another prostitute of the European Central Bank!


Alex P. 23.11.2013 01:14

Do we need to wait until Putin passes away before we can start calling him, "Putin the Great"?

In all reality, he accomplished more in the world in the past 5 months, than both Obama and Bush put together in the past 13.

Instead of smearing snot on paper and calling it journalism on Russia, Western press should take notes from Putin.

But I'm being overtly optimistic, of course they will double down on stupid and press ahead with bad mouthing Putin; only difference is I wont be there to read it.


Michael A Miller 22.11.2013 19:32

Ukraine is likened to a new virgin, super blonde girl in the Hood, with all it's innocence about to be made and into a sacrificial ritual orgy in bunga bunga Europe pimped by The European Commission in Brussels in benefit of the Dark Forces. Ukraine would be a new prostitute in the neighbourhood watch out, Europe speaks with false tongue, she is the mother of all harlots and has Expired already.


Michael A Miller 22.11.2013 19:30

Better the devil you know, than one you do not know! A milliseconds away from the edges of the bottomless pit. Ukrainians should have declared yesterday A National Holiday! A thanks giving day, thanking The Lord for the wisdom of the bravest leaders who have made, a Wise and un-regrettable decision, in which the future generations would grow to be proud of.


Agnes Maria 22.11.2013 13:26

Some they protest, and here we celebrated.


Elena Plotnikova 22.11.2013 11:21

Finally - read a sober, not-politicized, not emotional expert's opinion on the EU deal with Ukraine! That is exactly what I was talking about - the deal offers no advantages to Ukrainian people! May be it will free those Ukrainians who still dream of European life standards from their illusions...


Capucine Altier 22.11.2013 08:55

We have to work together not against each other. Western imperialism is over. Russia China Eastern Europe and the West have to collaborate together. There is no other way than unity in our future. I love the way Russia is progressing these days. Its amazing. Great job Mr Putin and all those who are trying to maintain peace in this world.

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