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EU’s bid for Ukraine is really Washington acting through ‘cat’s paw of Brussels’

01.12.2013 19:54

Thousands have come out in Ukraine to protest the suspension of EU association and police brutality. While people are driven by emotion, bigger geopolitical players may hijack their aspirations for democracy, geopolitical analyst William Engdahl told RT.

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Gabriel Acobian 14.01.2014 02:20

The U.S. is likan injured bull; puffing and kicking its hooves about using its last drop of energy to pretend it's still alive.
The difference is that the bull has courage to die honorably


Александр Б 04.12.2013 10:56

Jon Danzig 02.12.2013 18:51

In Ukraine they won independence in 1991...


They won? Are you kiddng us? Belorussia, Ukrain and Russian built USSR, they were first republics who orginized USSR. They were initiators. Won... hah.
You do not know what you are talking about at all.
Where are you from? Have you lived in one of USSR respublic before USSR and after? Do you know which time was better? Have you felt it? or just rumors?
I think you know USSR story listening to meaning of trolls or stupid guys.


Jon Danzig 02.12.2013 18:51

In Ukraine they won independence in 1991, the same year as Latvia, another ex-Soviet Union country. But whilst Latvians were given a free vote on whether to join the European Union, no such opportunity currently seems possible for Ukrainians.

I’ve just written an article about Latvia’s tortuous journey from one Union to another. It’s a story relevant to Ukraine, and to all people interested in the future of Europe.. and the history of how we got to where we are now.

‘Lat via: from Soviet Union to European Union’ dot com


Fritz Baumler 02.12.2013 13:15

I suspect that the Ukrianian protesters are fighting the ghost of Stalin Past. Before they cast their lot with the west, they need to take a good look at what is happining in America today. Everything that I was taught was evil about the Soviet Union is now in effect or has been proposed by Obama and his leftist minions in America.

Russia is not perfect, but is moving away from its Stallist past, while America is running full speed toward Commuism.


Gert Van Spijker 02.12.2013 10:32

William Engdahl, the guy who believes global warming is not happening, and that oil is of mineral origin!
"Th e EU is simply acting as a proxy for Washington to essentially strip Ukraine from Russia and weaken and isolate Russia even more".
The EU is notorious for not even being able to execute its own policies, let alone efficiently executing those of the US.

Could it be perhaps that the Ukrainian people are sick and tired of Russia's bullying and are looking around to countries like Poland and the Chec Republic, and believe more in a future of freedom and democracy rather than in Putin's Soviet Union 2.0?

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