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British neo-McCarthyism or why UK media coverage falls short

10.02.2014 14:25

There are moments when one could be forgiven for thinking that the mainstream media is beginning to learn the craft of journalism. That would obviously make the production of our show, Going Underground more difficult.

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Gabriel Acobian 11.02.2014 02:21

He reminds me of Hitler...


Jack Foobar 11.02.2014 00:00

I stopped reading when the author, genius that he is, doesn't know McCarthy hunted people like Cameron.


Rabi Ben Lavi 10.02.2014 21:24

It's good. All the US intelligence GCHQ can get will be given to all the foreign spies who work there. Saves their home countries money if the US is paying for


Avid_reader 10.02.2014 19:32

McGraw 10.02.2014 17:36

Very interesting article. I remember when living in the UK in 1990 (had witnessed ex-iron lady fallen by contested poll tax) I used to read the Financial Times every day. One morning in the Summer, one sentence note in the front page right top said: 'Iraq invaded Kuwait and took control of the government.' Nothing else. No news wherever. Was it a message? Is the U.S./UK Establishments the greatest threat to international security?


Lo oks more and more as if what you say is true.

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