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Wrecking the Earth: Fracking has grave radiation risks few talk about

28.08.2013 13:42

Environmentalists point to various dangerous consequences of using fracking technology, but none can be compared to the issue of radiation exposure and radioactive contamination of the development areas it poses.

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Beverly Propst 11.06.2014 11:40

4 mile by 2 mile by 250 feet deep landslide consisting of sand and stored CO2, May 26, 2014 Collbran, CO video on Youtube. Stop the madness. Renewable is the only answer.


Briget Shields 20.01.2014 23:11

We are concerned citizens across the world determined to stop this toxic industry. Thank youfor your very informative piece. If there is anyone doubting the toxicity of the fracking process, like someone above mentioned just google it.....look up Tony Ingraffea from Cornell or read Ian Urbanas articles from the New York Times 2011. In the Shalefields in PA people have been without water for 5 years now. This is not fiction people. Believe in Solar and Wind. It's our only chance to a future for the generations that will come after us.


Maria Byrne 05.09.2013 03:19

The Irish government want to Frack the west coast of Ireland and destroy our beautiful country. The people of the world don't seem to have any say about what happens their country's as long as the capitalists are happy.


Timothy 02.09.2013 17:02

Money is the "golden idol" America has replaced God with. Nothing matters but the bottom line, death and destruction are fine as long as it's profitable.

As long as for-profit corporations dictate the laws, the abuse will continue unchecked. The US government isn't by the people, for the's by the corporations, for the corporations. Our leaders are anything but, and mostly bought and owned by Israel, industrialists, and banksters.


Peter Jennings 02.09.2013 10:22

For all those on this comment section who are calling for evidence, etc. You must be pretty inept at surfing if you are asking for links. The evidence is everywhere on the internet and has been for some time. It is also pretty damning. Haliburton have pioneered this "technique" ;, that should tell you all you need to know.

Leave it in the ground until more responsible companies capable of proper research become available to do the job properly. This is far too important to be left to half-baked companies who bribe their scientists and workers and pay lip-service to people who know better.


Alan Rigby Marr 31.08.2013 08:59

Mr Kevin Rogers this report can be confirmed by similar research. Even as far back as 1953 a British intelligence report stated that the Soviet Union was extracting Uranium from oil shales. As someone who has nearly 40 years experience also of various types of drilling I am aware of the environmental dangers of fracking and as a director of an engineering company don't regard myself as a "bunny hugger " What is needed is very strict independent supervision, which must not be done by organisation not to connected to the gas or oil industries.


Victor Song 30.08.2013 19:21

I live in a small country in the EU. It has been found, that the wole country is on top of a gas field, with enough recoverable gas (with current FRACKING technology) to last for 200 years(!) with current usage. However, the govt. (wisely) BANNED the use of fracking - on the notion that it is DANGEROUS technology with unforeseeable (possibly catastrophic) outcome(s) - and gas production will NOT commence, period.
(Applaus e)
You should ponder, on who is the more responsible and more intelligent here.


Kevin Rogers 29.08.2013 20:17

All of these assertions and not a single footnote so that I can check the research for myself. However, the entire article is full of emotionally charged terms designed to incite the reader into leaving inquiry behind and to take to the streets and scream for change.


Paul Smith 29.08.2013 16:16

The true danger and toxicity of ionizing radiation, both of high and low doses, has been denied for roughly a century starting with the medical establishment (read "The Mammogram Myth: The Independent Investigation Of Mammography The Medical Profession Doesn't Want You To Know About" by Rolf Hefti. Also see TheMammogramMyth . com ), and then the nuclear power industry, and the military weapon cartel. This ongoing systemic denial, largely because of corporate self-interests, has cost the lives of millions of humans.


William Huston 29.08.2013 10:48

Thanks to Christopher Busby & RT for covering this important topic. I was first told about the use of DU in fracking perf-guns a couple of years ago. I found the proof in March in a 2011 patent by Halliburton and started blogging.

C ongrats to Sec. Busby, who seems to have found the first of over 120 patents on using DU in this application.

This is a critical part of fracking with potential health impacts which is off-the-radar of many people.


Frack Dup 29.08.2013 04:57

Someone should look at the toxic gases emitted from fracking volcanoes (hydroshearing).


Mensa Graham 29.08.2013 01:48

Some evidence would be appreciated. I have a problem being someone's fool. Seems there are a lot of people on this site that do not have that problem.


Nikolai Lee 28.08.2013 20:13

This is new to me, as I am sure that it will be news to many others. It deserves wide dissemination.

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