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Endless Fukushima catastrophe: 2020 Olympics under contamination threat

15.09.2013 09:48

As the escape of radiation at Fukushima seems virtually unstoppable, there are still steps that governments all over the world should take to prevent worst case consequences. One of them would be canceling the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

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Peter Craig 03.11.2013 15:09

The depopulation theory is not so far fetched now. This is deliberately being conceived by Barry Hussein Saitoro and the Japanese, who care very little for their people. The great culling has begun...


onekonagirl 01.11.2013 21:31

Seems there is a bargaining chip somehow. I appreciate Dr. Caldicott and the scientific minds helping us understand what's going on. Have solution-based optimists leveraged health and safety in exchange for Tokyo 2020? Saying to Abe's govt "we will not send athletes unless or until..." (and state what we want).


Jeffrey Rahm 24.10.2013 01:31

They will Never tell us the truth


Arthur 23.10.2013 14:59

We can't trust the mainstream Media or the Governments there Agenda is Money, Profit, Power e.t.c. If the Law makers are the Law Breakers!! Leaves us the Citizens very vunrable. Thank God for the Internet. Time for us all to wake up!


Donna Kuhn 21.10.2013 03:18

this is israel's fault? i didn't know israelis ruled japan.


siyousyanamae 09.10.2013 20:10

Radiation levels in the sea around Japan have been holding steady and NOT falling as expected
OCT 8, 2013 Georgia Straight (Canada)
Fish from the water near Tokyo Electric plant are NOT faring so well. High levels of cesium-134, a radioactive isotope that decays rapidly, were found in fish samples there. Radiation levels in the sea around Japan have been holding steady and NOT falling as expected, further demonstrating that radiation leakage is NOT under control. At least 42 fish species from the immediate area are considered unsafe for consumption, and fisheries there remain closed.


siyousyanamae 06.10.2013 18:28

President Obama: Urgently Protect People from Fukushima Nuclear Disaster
MoveOn Petitions
The initial contaminated water that contains cesium-137 is expected to reach the U.S. West Coast in 3-5 years, i.e. in 2014-2016.
On July 22, 2013, TEPCO finally admitted there has been an estimated 300 tons of water highly contaminated with strontium-90 leaking into the Pacific Ocean on a daily basis.
Currently the Japanese Government is NOT monitoring strontium-90 and has NOT set its safety standard for Japanese fisheries.


D.T. Baker 05.10.2013 09:01

"We're doing everything possible..."

"Initial reports..."

"In the interest of public safety...."

"This administration will not rest until..."

It's always the same from these "officials.&quo t;

(Avatar is of someone or another laughing about whatever did or did not matter during the whitewash hearings over the dismissed dead of Benghazi.)


siyousyanamae 04.10.2013 19:40

Water 6,700 times more radioactive than legal limit spills from Fukushima
Oct 3, 2013 NBC News
Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO, said the water which spilled from the storage tanks had radiation readings as high as 200,000 becquerels per liter -- almost 6,700 times higher than the legal limit of 30 becquerels.


Marc Aubin 03.10.2013 08:29

It is time for the world to unite and figure this out!!!


siyousyanamae 02.10.2013 18:16

200,000 becquerels, such as strontium-90, per liter were detected
Tokyo, Oct. 2 (Jiji Press)
Tokyo Electric Unveils New Leak of Highly Radioactive Water
Tokyo Electric said Wednesday that highly radioactive water leaked at its crippled Fukushima plant from a different water storage tank from the one where a similar leak was found in August.
The amount of the leak is uncertain, but 200,000 becquerels of beta ray-emitting radioactive materials, such as strontium-90, per liter were detected in water inside the dikes surrounding the tank's area. The water may have leaked outside the dikes, Tokyo Electric added.


siyousyanamae 01.10.2013 18:46

70% of children tested in Kanto (Includes Tokyo) have radioactive cesium in their urine -Journalist #Fukushima
Sept. 26, 2013 the Weekly Asahi
In urine samples from children living in Kanto, 70% of those tested, contained cesium, a radioactive element that results in internal exposure.


EARTH AID CONCERT 28.09.2013 18:56

Here's a graphic for you.

Hi again, Dr. Caldicott.
We, too, have been sounding alarm since 311 and continue to share the vision so eloquently put by brother Hatrick Penry:

"A nuclear-free world is not only is inevitable."

Our continuing vision:

711 days after Fukushima changed the world forever on 3/11/11
on my website: thelivingmoon

Thank you for all you do.
Your friend,

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