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Fukushima open air fission? Radiation surge can’t be blamed just on random leaks

02.09.2013 03:16

The latest surge in radiation at Fukushima nuclear plant may suggest not only additional water leaks at the site, but could also mean fission is occurring outside the crippled reactor, explains Chris Busby from the European Committee on Radiation Risk.

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Anthony David 28.09.2013 16:58

I live in British Columbia on the south coast. The wife and i Are buying a SOEKS 01M Geiger Counter....

Its affordable and its important that people on the west Coast of the America's start purchasing these.

We will be putting up a website for people to input there Data.

Cheer s.


Rod Lloyd 05.09.2013 21:25

+Do the powers that be think that ordinary folk are impressed with silly plastic suited yes men prancing about doing absolutely nothing, except shake thier heads that it is all out of control after denying any was wrong for months and months, the usual story... Oh we didn't know !! as if that is good enough, Nucvlear Power is UNSAFE and still they build new reactors, perhaps if they went to Thhorium reactors , which is cheap and plentiful naturally,it would be hundreds of thousands times safer and more productive with no deadly waste as in nuclear isotopes , but of course you cannot make nuclear bombs with it.


Robert Kimble 05.09.2013 00:10

Again, I expect all people know nothing about what I'm about to write. Shame on Americans, but I think you're dead spiritually. There is undeniable proof from the Galactic's cloaked star ships that the cabal is dumping raw nuclear waste in 55 gallon drums all around the water bordering the Fukushima reactors. People of Japan wake up and stop being so dumb.


Peter Craig 04.09.2013 23:51

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done- on earth as it is in Heaven.


Mert Caner 04.09.2013 21:02

Furthermore, any scientist with sufficienbt number of gray amtter cells left in his/her brain should now that fission process is accompanied/made possible with a high neutron flux, roughly 2.5 neutrons per fission event. If fission is still on, where is this neutron radiation?? Fission "products" , on the other hand, mostly decacy via beta (some alpha and to a lseer extent gamma activity is also involved but insignificant).


Mert Caner 04.09.2013 20:58

It is ridiculous to talk about a "continuing fission process" at Fukushima. The source of all the radiation is the fission products that are still hot. Assuming continuous operation at around 1000 MW for a long time before the accident, the decay heat would still be around 300 KW due to the decay of the fission products inventory at the core prior to accident. Chemists should stick to what they know best and stop making such idiotic remarks about fictitious still active fission processes.


Kiryuu Hiroto 04.09.2013 06:06

The increase in radiation reading is emitted beta ray?


Kiryuu Hiroto 04.09.2013 06:04

The increase in radiation reading is emitted beta ray? not gamma,


Palmer Eldrich 03.09.2013 13:09

have they found the over 100 tons of molten core rods yet? , you do know that it was stated that they can't account for it ? i.e don't know where it is lol....... i guess its just hanging around ? no need for urgency here....


Jeff Prystupa 03.09.2013 06:17

Has this radiation not already ruined all aquatic life as a food source in the Pacific? What could possibly be safe to consume? The West Coast of the US is getting slammed - with what? Electron emitting radiation? Has this been a doomsday event?


Bryan Elliott 03.09.2013 01:44

"What they are not saying and what is the missing piece of evidence here is that radiation suddenly cannot increase unless something happens and that something cannot be leakage from a tank, because gamma radiation goes straight through a tank. The tank has got very thin metal walls. These walls will only attenuate gamma radiation by 5 per cent, even when it is 1 cm thick. "

Cs-1 34 and Cs-137 are both beta emitters. Vary thin metal walls will absorb beta radiation completely. I'll wager the majority of the 1.8 Sv measured is beta.


Bruce Miller 03.09.2013 00:41

Plutonium - not known on earth until 1940's in American labs - a humanocidal or immense range and lifespan. Only available in U.S. styled Enriched Uranium reactors. Will the u.S.A. crumble to nuclear ashes in the event of a reactor failure? Do they have a 'Safety Net" a means of cleaning up such a diaster? If they do, can they not apply it at Fuckoshima? If they do not, why have they recently permitted three more reactors of this nature to be built in their own homeland?


Tim Galli 02.09.2013 22:30

It's time to focus on this disaster and not war. This will have major ramifications for decades on our food, air and water. Cancer cases will spike around the Pacific, and particularly the west coast of the US. So please, there are more important things than war right now.


Patrick Shirkey 02.09.2013 20:04

The reactor cores have by now descended through the earths crust back to momma. It's the prolonged use of water as a cooling agent that has dispersed throughout the entire biosphere of the surrounding area that is causing the radiation. They just haven't mentioned it until now because they wanted to make it seem like they had everything under control.

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