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The bigger the lie: Fund-raising video invents '$3000 fine for being gay in Russia'

12.02.2014 15:38

The Sochi Olympics has attracted many protests. One, the Fair Games Project, launched an awareness campaign to support Russia’s LGBT community with a high-profile ad asserting that being gay in Russia costs $3,000 in fines… Wait, really?

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Conser Pov 12.04.2014 11:24

Johan 14.02.2014 12:27

the law doesn't really protect children at all


Oh, really?

So, telling minors that ''two boys sucking each other off - it's a very fun game, all the cool kids do it!'' in Russia is now punished by fine. Grrrrr!!!

M eanwhile in the US, you'd be immediately thrown in prison for that, and labeled ''sex offender'' for life.

In Saudi Arabia, gays are sentenced to death - still waiting for Obama to say something against that.

You'r e a bunch of hypocrites.


KWMB 19.03.2014 03:53

Michael 13.02.2014 22:21

Uh , there were not even ten million natives in North America in the 16th century let alone when the American nation formed.


This is far from the point of the article, but a comment that deserves a response. If you believe that there were less than ten million Native Americans in North America at that time, then you do not know history - especially since there were at that time hundreds of distinct tribes spread across the land. The term 'Five Hundren Nations' is in reference to those tribes. Just sayin'..


DS 22.02.2014 13:14

Russia should thank the US state of Kansas for taking some of the homofiliac heat off of Russia on the gay issue. Now real Christians can do what they will do anyway, not support the gay agenda. Now if we can get the gay US press and gay Al-Jazeera to take notice. Hey what's with Al-Jazeera anyway. I thought Moslems were not progay, but this network bleeds gay.


Billy Lingwood 21.02.2014 13:21

I really don't want to cause offence to you or others who hold your opinion but I would like to encourage you to do some soul searching and try to think of what the real sociological issues in Russia are today. Also, there must be something fundamentally askew with your stance on the matter as you appear to be attracting the medieval "lets cure 'em" crowd.
I wish you all the best in future journalistic attempts,

Y ours,


Ps, somebody owning a "gay bar" does not automatically become spokesperson for the LGBT community, they must earn this right (as in the case of Rory O'Neill).


Billy Lingwood 21.02.2014 13:16

Dear Ms. Makarova,
I am very impressed with the hefty word count you managed to bleed out of such an arid topic. One video (which is of course lampooning the homophobic attitudes of many in government through the use of parody) is not going to negatively effect Russia, how Russian's deal with the criticism is, and if this kind of shabby writing is the backlash I have no fear that you and yours wouldn't have a leg to stand on in a fair debate on the issue. Unfortunately, I get the impression as an onlooker that LGBT Russians do not live in an environment where their true concerns are going to be listened to.


Hoar Fraust 18.02.2014 02:13

Peter Anderson 14.02.2014 14:24

Feminism causes sexism, Anti-racism causes racism, Anti-discrimination causes discrimination.


Wo w, what a clueless statement. So when black americans took to the streets in the 50's and 60's to demand rights and equality, you are saying they created the racism and inequality they faced? Riiiiiiight.


Enrique 14.02.2014 14:54

Note that the propaganda says 3000 USD, an exchange which is not possible if there was a fine in Russian rubles ending in 000,,,,

Any way, in spite of the massive soviet-like propaganda in U.S. media, more than 25 million tourists arrived to the Russian Federation last year, an increase of 13% over the previous year. So, the People is not afraid but all the opposite: more tourists want to know Russia.


Enrique 14.02.2014 14:43

Given the fact that the fine is in USD ($) probably that punishment comes from some American states.


Peter Anderson 14.02.2014 14:24

Identity politics is a cultural-Marxist tactic of turning a Nation against it's self. It promotes "cultural struggle". Feminism causes sexism, Anti-racism causes racism, Anti-discrimination causes discrimination.
Cultural-Marxism has now become a modern weapon of war. Why waste money on bullets when you can cause a Nation or Society to turn on itself?
The CIA are actively recruiting Psychologists and Cultural Anthropologists to wage cultural and psychological war on sovereign Nations.
These people have no scruples and are actively brainwashing the young in Universities across the world.


Johan 14.02.2014 12:27

It is true that the law has been misrepresented in western media and also that the Russia-bashing that has been going on probably won't help Russian LGBTQ rights campaigners. However, the law in effect does not just protect children from gay "propaganda&quo t; - it also needs to be said that one does not turn gay nor can one pray the gay away, so the law doesn't really protect children at all - but what it also does is silence all political speech arguing for a strenghtening of gay rights. This leads to the silencing of gay activists as well as to the institutionalization of the idea that homosexuality is wrong.


itsme1248 14.02.2014 05:10

It is completely disgusting that the only thing obama can bring to the Olympics is homosexuality. Is this the way americans want to be represented? In the next Olympics obama will probably pumping beastiality, pedophilia and necrophila. What a despicable piece of president obama is.


armenovic 14.02.2014 00:54

Suddenly, the Russia-hating and sectarian-owned American lying press made it chic to become gay and publicize it mostly to the American people. Use anything for Russia -bashing. How much more repugnant can a system get?


Michael 13.02.2014 22:21

Snorkle 13.02.2014 18:34

Pl ease let's not get sidetracked. The US was literally built upon the genocide of tens of millions of the indigenous population and on the backs of African slave labor.


Uh , there were not even ten million natives in North America in the 16th century let alone when the American nation formed. Also, it is more apt to say the Americans built their country off of cheap immigrant hordes rather than off of the African slaves, it was the endless sea of immigrants that let them build an industrial juggernaut, slave era was not nationally profitable.


Georg Friderich Handel 13.02.2014 19:04

Gays in Russia won't get a cent from this so called "charity" only few people will get rich, becouse stupid people accros the planet will donate money to some unmoral scamers.


Snorkle 13.02.2014 18:34

Aaron Garton 13.02.2014 18:26

(BTW--I recognize the history of race-baiting and gay bashing in the U.S. However, Russian society as a whole seems to embrace its bigotry.)


Pl ease let's not get sidetracked. The US was literally built upon the genocide of tens of millions of the indigenous population and on the backs of African slave labor.


Snorkle 13.02.2014 18:30

Aaron Garton 13.02.2014 18:16

But not a lie.


It's a patent falsehood. What constitutes being "gay?" Perhaps one might formulate an answer by asking what constitutes being "straight?" ; Hmm.

Normally, you can't distinguish whether someone is heterosexual or homosexual unless you have a camera in their bedroom.

Corollary: no one would even know what your sexual proclivities are UNLESS and UNTIL you try to showcase them in public with, say, GAY activities, demonstrations, or propaganda.


Aaron Garton 13.02.2014 18:26

"Indeed, for various reasons – from cultural to historic – Russian society is not 100 percent tolerant"

No kidding. That's an understatement. Jew-baiting ranks up their with hockey as the national pastime. Bashing people of color runs a close second. It's no wonder that certain high-profile Russians admire Adolf Hitler and others suggest that gay people should be burned in ovens --while they are still alive.

(BTW--I recognize the history of race-baiting and gay bashing in the U.S. However, Russian society as a whole seems to embrace its bigotry.)


Aaron Garton 13.02.2014 18:16

"$3000 fine for being gay in Russia" -- This statement would be best described as a glib, overly-simplistic statement. But not a lie. In fact, the fine may be imposed multiple times. The fine referenced is for only one outward suggestion that someone is gay, or supports gay people. The fine may also be imposed on straight people. To the extent that the statement suggests that Russia has enacted a law against gay people based purely upon their status, it is incorrect. To the extent that it suggests that the effect of the law is to punish gay people, it is a true statement.


Snorkle 13.02.2014 17:53

This article is about misinformation disseminated by a deceitful organization for ulterior motives. The author seeks above all to disabuse anyone of the notion that there's a '$3,000 fine for being gay in Russia.' Further, she seeks to expound upon the campaign of propaganda orchestrated against Russia to poison the atmosphere surrounding the Sochi Olympics.

INCIDENTAL LY, she clarifies Russia's stance: It is unlawful to promote gay propaganda to minors; it is not unlawful to be gay, so to speak.

In so doing, she also DISTANCES Russia from other countries where being gay IS a crime. ERGO, my main comments...

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