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On Nazis, Jews & Ukraine ‘de-escalation’

18.04.2014 12:29

​There are many potentially worrying signs in the ‘de-escalation’ process in theory agreed by the US, Russia, EU and Ukraine this Thursday in Geneva.

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Armando Rivera-Carretero 26.04.2014 22:07

I'm on a roll here. Mr. President, aggressive imperial policies in the XXI Century are not the same as in the XIXth. The policy and actions necessary for extending imperial dominion over the world are in this age necessarily limited by the possession of very important and powerful actors. equipped with Nuclear Weapons. At the beginning of the XXth Century, Imperial competition and aggression merely gave us the Ist and 2nd World Wars. The same policy today is a reckless disregard for the fate of Humanity. Mr. Obama, the rules of the game have changed. Or haven't you noticed?


Armando Rivera-Carretero 26.04.2014 21:58

Perhaps we are being to demanding of Mr. Obama in asking him to obey the Rule of International Law. He is being consistent with the actions of his predecessors. After all, the US did not become the greatest empire in the history of the world by being nice. It is incompatible with his office, to act accordingly with the expectations of a Peace Price Laureate. When you become President of the Empire, you know you have to act in accordance with its ideology and nature. So chug along Mr. President, those that voted for you are the real culprit of your actions. I deeply regret to have voted for you both times. I was blind.


Armando Rivera-Carretero 26.04.2014 21:42

The only responsible party to the Ukrainian crisis is the aggressiveness of US policy against Russia. Mr. Obama, your actions are not worthy of a Nobel Laureate and in fact demean that prestigious prize. Your surrender to the hawks in your country is threatening world peace. What's the problem; you are to impatient to wait until Global Warming destroys planet Earth?


Theo 26.04.2014 09:33

Willy, go and see a doctor before you lose absolutely all sence of reality, next you will tell us that the Jews built Auschwitz you nitwit.


Willy Dakota 26.04.2014 08:51

Kiev's "88s" Brothers in Arms with USA !.Neo Nazi's rule in Ukraine !.Thank's McCain we new you would come through for us man !.


Willy Dakota 26.04.2014 08:48

They angry Russia upset their ME road map re Syria!.Google "The Greater Israel Project",that what it all about.They got you all thinking it about oil !.


Willy Dakota 26.04.2014 08:44

Zionists in Germany during the early stages of WW 2 fought "with" the Nazi's against Britain & her allies in the hope that the Jews would be deported to Palestine !.Fact.Interesting now in 2014 the Zionist owned Western Corp MSM are supporting Neo Nazi's in Kiev along with the American Govt & Britain Etc !.


Zack Jalamani 22.04.2014 03:45

The so-called "anti-Semitic&q uot; leaflets was not the work of the CIA, rather it was the work of local Zionist Khazar Jews in Ukraine in cooperation with the "Israeli" Mossad. The goal is to scare the remnant of Khazar Jews of Ukraine and push them to immigrate and settle in Occupied Palestine, by stealing Palestinian lands and homes. "Israel" has what its ruling fascists fear a demographic crisis in favor of Palestinians, and shortage of Khazar Jewish immigrants. Therefore, they found it a great opportunity to push the Ukrainian Jews to immigrate to the Nazi New Khazaria in Palestine.


jerry tarnacia 21.04.2014 19:11

For the 1st time in a long time I agree w/Mr.Escobar. While IDK what nationality Mr.Escobar is( American?) he does seem anti-USA. The quoting of the title of a chapter in 'Alice in Wonderland' is even more puzzling than that which Mr.Escobar wants to explain.
What is actually going on is obvious to anyone who wants to look at the situation. Where Mr.Escobar thinks anyone who reads this will find (or even bother looking for) Israeli immigraion demographics is harder to figure out.
As to why Israeli's would back neo-Nazi's in Kiev?
That leaves a question mark & a "Has it already been determined?" type of after thought.


Regula 21.04.2014 10:07

The agreement calls for protesters to vacate buildings and squares taken over. It does not specify pro or anti Maidan protesters. Both occupy buildings and squares. Yes, the US talks of disarming eastern protesters, while Putin insists that neo-Nazi gangs should be disarmed - they terrorize all Ukrainians. This really does not imply acceptance of the Kiev government, just acknowledgment of its existence and that they should restore order if they claim to be the government. That is different from accepting it as legitimate government.


Regula 21.04.2014 10:07

Agreed with the psy-ops. But, the neo-Nazis also have an agenda of their own: that is to empty Ukraine of Russians, Jews, Muslims and other non-Nazi sympathizing ethnic minorities. The neo-Nazis don't want to join the EU or NATO. They want a state of their own. While the US public is notoriously ignorant of history, in Ukraine people of course know who is anti-Semitic - the Ukrainians don't like the neo-Nazis. The CIA's psy-op may run into difficulty when the neo-Nazis don't want to go all the US way. The Rabbi recognized the flyer as a forgery - there is no precedent of anti-Semitism in eastern Ukraine.


Regula 21.04.2014 10:07

The neo-Nazis don't mind if eastern Ukraine joins Russia - it will get rid of the Russians. The attack in the night really makes secession more likely - more people will be afraid and want to escape to Russia. It is a double agenda by the neo-fascists and the US risks to lose its face when that purpose from the part of the neo-Nazis becomes apparent. Clearly, Russia would not attack Russia-friendly protesters or lose their trust.

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