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Germany: The next sick man of Europe?

27.12.2013 13:12

From the brink of incredible success, the new German coalition is on the verge of driving Germany back towards an almost inevitable economic abyss…

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Jean-Claude Meslin 09.01.2014 12:58

Germany could be the smartest member of the E-U.
One of the greatest problems Humanity and most of all welfare states like France is the continuously rising demography. France among many other states is unable to face the cost of feeding, lodging, educating and medically taking care of her citizen plus the millions immigrants knocking at her door. She also have a debt of 2000 billions €. The European Titanic is sinking and Germany will jump out of it and join the BRICS.


marcus 09.01.2014 05:05

i am retired and i am leaving germany. the fact they are taxing pensions retroactive 5 years is only the tip of the iceburg. the new computer tax of almost 60 euros every quarter for owning a computer is too much. all the other fees, plus my wifes 40% cut in pay is the finally straw.


tateishi 08.01.2014 22:48

Germany is very good salesman, but it is a sick man like other EU countries. It is far behind in high tech from US & Japan.
Few yrs ago, Merkel said, German can not compete with US & Japan as it does not have enough resource. All computers are foreign made US & Japan,even when they Siemens or BASF name. No new medicines. Der Spiegel reports detriorating infra, people coming to food bank but not enough food there. Also it reported German companies were not successful to get foreign technology. Now Italians are better in science and technology. Example,Tepco used Italian technology to test their problems. Hitler killed.


Kevin Keogh 08.01.2014 17:10

[1] Maybe the utter nonsense I just read is a diversion so as to invest in one of Mr. Young’s Private Investment Vehicle’s, well I’m not buying it, not for an instance. On what planet was Mr. Young when he claims Thatcher revitalised Britain. True she revitalised the wealthy 9% with even more wealth but look at what cost. Vast sways of the midlands and northeast ghettoised and its citizens living on cheep beer, burgers and chips, most of there big industries closed or making second rate products. There national assets sold off with little benefit to citizens.


Kevin Keogh 08.01.2014 17:09

[2] North sea oil alone should have had massive benefits to the whole of Britain instead of the few. Car industry devastated except for foreign manufacturers. Britain was sick but its got even sicker and when [not if] there financial sector gets sick it could be the nail in the coffin. One has to admire the Germans for there honesty, hard work and efficiency, reliability and there strength in getting the job done and the long term benefit to there nation as a whole is the envy of Europe and the world, they have almost the perfect C.V. as a nation, the only negative thing I would say is, I’m sorry I don't live there.


Anemos 08.01.2014 16:44

Germanies demography is as bad as that of any european country with the exception of France (but look which group has most of the newborns). Russias demography is even worse. Thats a problem for all countries here.

To solve this problem with immigration from countries sharing a way different cultural background is just suicide, serving the interest of a few.

Speaking about Germany, the whole of Europe poured money into this country (real estate etc.), corruption is not so excessive as elsewhere, the mentality pragmatic and the economy has very strong companies. So where is the sickness now?


Samuel von Staunton 08.01.2014 14:44

I'm curious. Since virtually all the posters here seem to agree that Mr. Young is spouting nonsense, why are all comments voted down?

" ;There's something rotten in Denmark. . ."


John Barrett 08.01.2014 14:38

mergon 08.01.2014 11:18

Take a German car van or truck an take to the dealership
and ask them how is it to replace the alternator ,
well for some of their cars its as much as £700 ,astounding
well would you buy a German car if you what the cost of maintaining it was !


my old mans got a ford focus. it just cost him £1500 to replace some computerized box thats attached to the automatic gear box. yes i said fifteen hundred pounds, to replace a little box with a few microchips in it.


Andor 08.01.2014 13:58

No never! Maybe some wish for that but not Germany they are too clever for that!!
So by the way - please read up on a-biotic oil and will tell you that crude is not fossil oil! How come we have Hydro Carbons on Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune etc? Germany was also the first to have the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis making petroleum out of coal/natural gas. For those hoping Germany will go down, I have a surprise for you - Britain is bankrupt..hahahahaha hah


mergon 08.01.2014 11:18

Take a German car van or truck an take to the dealership
and ask them how is it to replace the alternator ,
well for some of their cars its as much as £700 ,astounding
yes but only to us ,to them its just normal, its the same model for the governments no matter what is just stick a price tag of millions on it no one will know the real cost and we will all be rich , well would you buy a German car if you what the cost of maintaining it was !


John Baker 08.01.2014 11:14

Mr Young's background is not hard to guess at; there is a subtext to this eulogy to all things fossil and that is that fossil fuels will - in fact energy markets depend on - increase in cost to the consumer over the coming decades. This will not be small incremental rises either; by contrast renewables will - in fact are - coming down in price year on year as well as growing in efficiency.


Mahir Ildan 08.01.2014 09:18

Not even funny! Who really grants titles in RT like "experts"? ? This guy is a joke. RT should increase its quality by eliminating hard core neo-liberal thugs from its pages..

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