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US to China: Stop behaving all sovereign!

29.11.2013 08:52

A favorite lie propagated by Western power elites – especially in the US and Britain – is that globalization is ‘good’ because it bypasses national borders that ‘limit trade, investments, democracy and human rights’.

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ausonio 28.12.2013 13:15

Japan and China are like ancient Rome and Greece

Rome developed its own civilization based on the Greek civilization


Marc Letourneau 23.12.2013 15:16

Superb article. Please write again Salbuchi.


matahari 20.12.2013 15:26

It would appear that for China to defend itself, it would need to occupy Japan. In doing so, it would .at one stroke, remove the US from East Asia. As it is, it is impossible for China to co-exist with a Japan controlled by Washington. East Asia peace and stability is best served by a Japan controlled by China.

Oh, Russia and China should officially become allies. An attack on one is an attack on the other. Such an alliance would serve notice against the US. It gives Moscow and Beijing a strong card against their arrogance. They fear a China-Russia readiness to respond firmly against their provocations n bullying.


SSD7 04.12.2013 18:05

Excellent article , Salbuchi! The world powers have shifted. Fairness, truth, and justice will always prevail over greed, brutality, and media lies. The Western powers have always underestimated the intelligence of the rest of the world, and they erroneously think their bullying tactics will make them the superior leaders of the New World Order. These Western powers seem to be looking at themselves through a rose-colored mirror, and can’t seem to see any faults in themselves.


Murray 02.12.2013 08:18

Re: "...What would the UK say if Chinese bombers were to fly near the coasts of Scotland just to underline Chinese support of the Scottish independence movement? What would US air defenses do if two or three Chinese and Russian bombers were to fly the skies near the US-Canadian Atlantic coastline on stand-by in case Quebec were to finally decide to break away from the Canadian Union?..."

Well put!


goedelite 02.12.2013 03:21

My country, the USA, has had since the end of WWII a long series of incompetent, ill prepared presidents, irresponsible congresses, and badly informed citizens. Japanese leaders have sold their country out to the USA for the protection of our military against China and Russia. The Japanese are still seeing the world as if this were 1945. The US is still stands as a formidable military power, but its economic legs are weak. Australians, too, are looking in the wrong direction. Their future is to the west, and they should be making a pivot towards China, not as an adversary but as a trading partner.


Jim McMexico 02.12.2013 01:07

All nations should be sovereign as should all people. Countries destroy sovereign nations and their leaders for greed and power. Thank goodness there is an ultimate judgement which none will escapee.


Keng Long 01.12.2013 22:54

Rothschild family and jew's money supplies [USA federal reserve] enslaves, corrupt and control USA-government and foreign policy for Israel/jew's interest


Arun 01.12.2013 22:16

I think Karl Marx would have understood these shenanigans quite well. He was an astute student of the Hon'ble East India Company.


truthseeker 01.12.2013 21:49

All i know is i would rather learn mandarin than speak american-english


Pepe Latoga 01.12.2013 17:09

The world still did not realized that continued importing Chinese products will also strengthen China's Liberation Army. Their military budget keeps growing every year. The world is deaf and blind to ignore the prophecy. Of course countries enjoying the cheap Chinese products making their life easier and comfortable but in the end just like the movie, "Red Dawn!" will kill us all. Right now we should promote our own products and stop IMPORTING!!


WorkTogether 01.12.2013 15:41

Pres Putin & FM Lavrov just saved the planet from what could have turned into WW3 in the ME. These two men are true Statesmen, the first to step onto a world stage for almost a century, while Iran's Rouhani, looks fit to join them on a platform occupied by greedy, shortsighted Western imbeciles. One can only hope that Xi Jinping & Shinzo Abe have the foresight of a Putin to get rid of Marxist internationalism, to kick the Rothschild bankers, the Trilateral Commission, The Council on Foreign Relations & the Zionist-Bilderberg s to Kingdom Come. The world has hope of returning to economic balance then.


WorkTogether 01.12.2013 15:12

The US was robbed & bled to death by control of the fascist Zionist cabal, who currently is turning the US into a police state. As Salbuchi says, while the western allies were creating global enemies & losing the World's respect, China, Russia, Iran & others continued peaceful development, solidifying economic ties with each other in lieu of the dollar collapse which on the cards, is now unavoidable, the backlash of which, is not viewed by them to be half as frightening a prospect as the Western Allies try to portray. There is life after the US, who will come right only when it kicks out Israel & the Rothschild's


tdilla 01.12.2013 14:53

Right, right...imperial America seeks to dominate China and the rest of the world. This is a tired excuse.

The issue isn't that China has an ADIZ, the issue is the expansion of such zone to include disputed territories. It doesn't matter if ancient China controlled those islands; by that logic, Italy should have an ADIZ spanning all of the Mediterranean, or Turkey all of the Middle East. Expanding your targeting zone to include these islands betrays China's claim to want a peaceful expansion. You can't say you want peace while at the same time expanding your firing zone.


Gerhard Umlandt 01.12.2013 07:24

<b>America, move your bottoms out of Asia, especially out of Chinese territory (concerning US flankers), or
you will be doomed!</b>


Francisco Gonzalez 01.12.2013 03:28

the non alligned countries get erased

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