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​Greenpeace strikes again with ‘Glacier Republic’!

20.03.2014 11:59

Still licking its wounds after Russia called its bluff when the crew of its vessel ‘Arctic Sunrise’ tried to storm a Russian oil rig in the Arctic Ocean last year, Greenpeace is now back in the news, albeit on the other side of the world.

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Ursula Riches 15.07.2014 19:46

Green peace are idiots who are bing controlled by those who are evil. Imagine that after GP claims these pure snowy lands that the big oil corps make claim to them. A far fetched idea? I think not. For what OTHER purpose would GP be directed to do this.
Please would someone from Russia tell me why GP want a massive amount of money to have their ship repaired. What damage could have occurred in the docks to this ship? Personally I think it was just an excuse to take a jibe at Russia and collect extra money in the process.


Don McCoy 24.03.2014 15:34

How is the act of planting a flag...which means nothing and results in NOTHING...considered "striking" at all...let alone "striking again"?

This is a pointless story about nothing! LOL!


Titin Jones 21.03.2014 08:34

Point is "To protect glaciers". RT writters are still busy trying to degrade Greenpeace environmental activists, rather than trumpet the fact that man made 'Global Warming' is threating catostrophic species extinction. That includes man kind. And Russia to.


DoAsk DoTell 21.03.2014 07:52

NGO climate drama = ridicule for the domestic "green movement" = a game only the rich can afford.

Gre enpeace = acting on behalf of Multinational Donors? Why these International NGOs (INGOs) so secretive?

Shouldn't there be a rule that say if they receive from a Multinationals, they have to declare it?


Douglas Dewar 21.03.2014 05:53

Mr. Salbuchi please ! The proper response to the Glacier Republic is laughter. To take them seriously, as your article purports to do, simply kills the joke. They neither want nor expect you to take them seriously. All they want is protection of the ice up there, in other words protect our common environment, protect the sustainability of our only planet. They're bent but not bad. Don't be paranoid about these clowns, deep down they're caring for all of us. You, Chile, and Argentina are large enough to take them in stride and perhaps use their flair to do some good. Don't worry, be happy !


Souza 21.03.2014 00:36

Great Adrian Salbuchi, one of the best writers! Greenpeace is formed by terrorists. Blacklist and jailed them all.


Dunbal 20.03.2014 19:28

Currently it's summer down there. Wait until winter and we'll see how many permanent citizens of "Glacier Republic" stick around. Most likely they'll put lives at risk when they need to be rescued, or they'll freeze to death.

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