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UK intelligence chiefs getting such a soft touch is ‘shocking’

08.11.2013 13:07

The appearance of UK intelligence chiefs before a parliamentary committee was shocking because they were given such an easy ride says former MI5 agent Annie Machon talking to RT.

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mergon 21.12.2013 11:58

Britain still has the old boy network ,there may be younger players but the old school still rules still apply and thats the strength of the system ,its about old money and the right connections ,and the right clubs ,
its a lot like the words from the Who,s song [wont get fooled again ] = meet the new boss same as the old boss !


j.innes 13.11.2013 15:28

I was thinking of the brief overview of the British Empire and all of its tools and then you sort of look at these guys and you do have to ask which terrorists??? What criminals??? Which money launderers??? Exposure is probably good for them while the deconstruction takes place. I am pretty sure lots of international and domestic laws are broken and none once exposed is above the law not even the goons. Being dragged before Parliament is for the entertainment value only. They were all bad at keeping secrets and this is the result. GCHQ violated people who were not citizens of the UK in violation of law and treaty.


Ursula Riches 09.11.2013 22:00

Democracy in the UKUS is a total farce.


Love & Theft 08.11.2013 23:49

It's what happens when you give a control freak cult; a blank check; and immunity to justice.

Pu rification!


Tessa 08.11.2013 23:32

In the Uk they get softballs, in the US it doesn't matter because they lie with impunity. If there were not so many real implications of the spying going on, one would have to laugh as it appears a bunch of paranoid schizophrenics are in charge. The leading exception at the moment on the world stage is Russia, however I understand there is much more information to come.

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