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Centrifugal force puts spin on Iran presidential election

13.06.2013 08:54

No question: the 11th presidential election in the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) this Friday is going to be a cliffhanger.

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Anonymous user 14.06.2013 08:34

The us caused trade suppression on Iran has really impoverished it.

Anonymous user 14.06.2013 08:33

Pepe loses plot misjudging Iran democracy as 'Mullah dictatorship.' He needs to go there to learn.

Anonymous user 14.06.2013 08:22

Pepe, democracy's people choice. US ZOGBI/PIPA poll agencies proved 2009 official results correct.


Giant Robo 14.06.2013 07:20

Unfortunately, the existence of racist hostile USA requires peaceful Iran to have 20-30 nukes as deterrent. No reason for Iran to go broke building 9999 nukes like dumb USA did, but every nation needs to possess a few nukes just to keep evil paranoid USA from attacking.

Anonymous user 14.06.2013 06:24

Pepe, come to iran, we teach you politics.

Anonymous user 14.06.2013 02:43

i love me a good article

Anonymous user 13.06.2013 21:02

Rowhani has ideas,that not good for east.British has the same ideas.

Anonymous user 13.06.2013 20:50

Why doesn't Iran use over unity power generation, nuclear fission is old school.

Anonymous user 13.06.2013 20:17

There's only the image of democracy in Iran. If you don't think so, look up Constitution Article 110

Anonymous user 13.06.2013 20:14

What spin? The Ayatollah only picked candidates that support a continued total nuclear program.

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