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Disarming Syria brings Israel’s suspected WMD arsenals into focus

14.09.2013 12:58

One way to reduce the tensions surrounding the Syrian crisis would be for Israel to also give up its alleged stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons. Both Russia and the US are likely to ask Israel to dismantle its stocks.

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Friend Your 19.09.2013 23:33

Jungle Rule- 1 : "You don't deserve any food, unless you are strong enough."


William Wilgus 17.09.2013 02:59

If Israel would give back the land that it stole and stopped treating Palestinians and others like dirt, they wouldn't have a need for their WMD.


Genelia Walburg 17.09.2013 02:11

Salan Kid 17.09.2013 01:25

THE tyrant state of Israel ,must also disarm its nuclear arsenal , , they are the biggest treat to world peace , an apartheid state like Israel without Israel doing the same ,this must not happen ,


Unike your Syria, Israel is a democracy. So Israel is not subjected to any subjugation. Israel needs to have all kinds of weapons to make sure rogue states like Syria, Iran dont mess around with Jewish state.


Salan Kid 17.09.2013 01:25

THE tyrant state of Israel ,must also disarm its nuclear arsenal , , they are the biggest treat to world peace , an apartheid state like Israel must not thrive as a power in region ,and become the only superpower in the region , the Arabs must not relinquish its chemicals without Israel doing the same ,this must not happen ,


NorCal Native 17.09.2013 01:18

Rob Fleck:

The current anti-Christ State of "Israel" has nothing to do with Biblical Israel (1 John 2:22-23). The current "Israel" is the manifestation of the invasion of Gog & Magog (Khazar "Jews") as prophesied in the Bible.

The Palestinians are the descendants of the people who have ALWAYS lived there, including the descendants of the first Christians who followed the Messiah, Jesus Christ. The Khazars (fake "Jews" from Eastern Europe) are invaders.


Young Lee 16.09.2013 20:47

Rob Fleck 15.09.2013 18:48

This just in......this has nothing to do with Israel. And don't try selling "the big picture" argument either. Isreal does not gas its own people. Muslim/Arab nations should take note and view Israel as an example on how to behave in a civilized world. Not much civility coming out of countries that are predominatly Shia or Sunni these days


Stop spouting nonsense, man. You should feel ashamed of yourself.
Perhaps you should go to Gaza and experience what the Palestinians are enduring on a daily basis at the hands of the so-called Israeli Defence Force.


Rich Tygart 16.09.2013 20:38

Oh no you didn't.OMG! You are going to ask about Israel's weapons.Shame on you!You don't do that to the persecuted ones.Only an anti Semite who loves the holocaust would ask such a question.To the supremacist, Zionist mentality, those who question and doubt their sacred dogma must, ipso facto, be "haters." Being perfect, being God's Chosen, and in every way the superior people on the planet, the saints and martyrs of the cosmos, they can't conceive of opposition that is not satanic......Israel can lick U.S. ball bag!


George Kafantaris 16.09.2013 19:31

Why would Israel ever need chemical weapons -- or even nuclear weapons -- for all that matters?


Tony Blair 16.09.2013 12:11

Its nearly impossible to deal with Israel. As the US, the so called intermediary, writes them a blank cheque to do what they want.. They can start by leaving the occupied terrorites, pulling down their settlements, & allow weapons inspectors in there to look at their nuclear & chemical & Bio weapons. With full US agreement of course. You did not win that Nobel peace prize for nothing Obama.


David Dunlop 16.09.2013 10:06

Its funny how someone in Syria gasses their own people and people start accusing Israel of having WMD's. Israel has never used these weopans on anyone or any state. Keep your focus on the nations that have, then we could maybe start seeing peace in that part of the world. Also remember that half of the rebels are the same group that conducted 9/11 and 7/11 and most of the terrorist acts in the 21 century. Everyone is quickto attack Israel for this and that when they forget what their neighbours are capable of. Open your eyes people and face the real enemy that is waiting to pounce


Gary Schnell 16.09.2013 07:20

As an american I'm just sick and tired of the out right double sandard that exists when the tables are turned on our only so called friend in the middle east,friends don't attack their friends and murder their sailors as with the USS Liberty. Friends don't steal proprietary state nuclear secrets and pass them onto those who might use them against us.The sauce thats good for the goose is also good for the gander, it's time for most holy sacrosanct Israel to come clean.


Paulo Ronquillo 16.09.2013 06:39

disarm Israel then there will be no future Israel... disarm first all those Arab Nations who want to annihilate Israel and accept their existence. then there will be peace in the middle east.

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