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Japanese war crimes: I’m sorry?

27.12.2013 11:28

China and South Korea are very angry with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe because he visited the Yosukuni Shrine in Tokyo honoring some 2.5 million Japanese – both military and civilian – who died in war.

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Jay Mondejar 07.07.2014 03:05

coward japanese refuse to acknowledge that they butchered, gang-raped, and tortured 30 million innocent men, women and children-

t his author is from argentina and knows nothing about what happened in world war ii-

if japan attacked and occupied argentina, he would know that the japanese were inhuman and brutal animals

mr salbuchi- shut up ok? go talk to koreans, chinese, filipinos and all those who suffered under the japanese heel first- before you write up these lies-


Free_DrVojislavSeselj 21.03.2014 06:32

Nationalist Abe suggested the refusal of US diplomats to visit Hiroshima and Nagasaki each year for the commemorations were indeed approval for these incidents?
Natio nalist Abe wrote a paper suggesting these were indeed war crimes?
National ist Abe wrote a paper suggesting the template for future American air strategy would be based on its successful experience in the previous war with Japan?
Nationali st Abe wrote a paper suggesting the internment of Japanese-Americans by race was indeed a post-facto justification for J-militarism?
Na tionalist Abe fined the US Army for documented damages to the Japanese environment?


Free_DrVojislavSeselj 21.03.2014 06:19

>>>Mr Abe is known to be a nationalist and a historical revisionist.<< <

The PM Abe "nationalist&qu ot; pop quiz?
(answer yes or no or just guess)

Nati onalist Abe is opposed to the US bases ?
Nationalist Abe is against purchase of F-35 failure?
Nationa list Abe is against the TPP talks which will crush Japanese agriculture and open Japan to Monsanto fever?
Nationali st Abe is against US efforts to integrate Japan into an anti-China alliance with S.Korea and her former colony of Taiwan at any price (picked up by Nippon)?
Nationalist Abe is spearheading investigation into subservient J-mom media and LDP past betrayals?


Free_DrVojislavSeselj 21.03.2014 05:48

byron dade 24.01.2014 04:10

I find it interesting that in your historical lens on WW11 you have not referred to the rape and slaughter of several million women by the Russian army in their blood lust throughout Germany. I am sure that they were all heroes. I do believe that Zhukov received medals for his outstanding work.


I had no idea there were that many "women" in the Wehrmacht, but there you go, you learn something new everyd ay.

Zhukov was not behind the systematic rape program known as Lebensborn, but your heroes were.


AngryPakku 06.03.2014 19:03

It's time to talk about SOUTH Korean War Crimes in Vietnam and Korean Wars.

It's time to end China's ethnic cleansing now being undertaken in CHINA over Tibetan and Uyhur.


byron dade 24.01.2014 04:10

I find it interesting that in your historical lens on WW11 you have not referred to the rape and slaughter of several million women by the Russian army in their blood lust throughout Germany. I am sure that they were all heroes. I do believe that Zhukov received medals for his outstanding work.


black 23.01.2014 20:44

Mr.Adrian Salbuchi

I was impressed to text that has been well understood that the Japanese

Japan is a defeated country, but I hope for world peace and to avoid war.
There is a place of prayer swear the peace against war victims Japanese soldiers, Korean soldiers, American soldiers, of all countries of visits to Yasukuni Shrine.

Prayers because you do not want to disastrous war and twice
Coverage is performed is fabricated by the media

Are you going to lead to war between Japan and China and Korea it is a malicious media.

Many of the Japanese people wants peace than war.
Mr.Adrian Salbuchi
Thank you


Masaki Miyamoto 14.01.2014 03:55

Roman Cathoric Pope, John Paul II blessed the Mass for 1,618 Japanese war criminals of Classes A, B and C. The worship had took place in St. Peter's Basilica Vatican on May 22nd 1980. God bless everyone!


Masaki Miyamoto 14.01.2014 03:54

A position is different in Japan and Germany.

Class A war criminals (war leader) in Tokyo Trial of WWII are not those who broke international law.
They are those who were handed over and executed by the victorious nation because of conditional peace of Japan.

Class A war criminal (war leader) in Tokyo Trial was based on the 11th article of the San Francisco Peace Treaty, was pardoned as all the members innocence also as that of consent of a victorious nation in 1956 (Showa 31), and was released.


Masaki Miyamoto 14.01.2014 03:50

Nice Joke,
The end of the war of the WWII was held on August 15, 1945.

South Korea became independent of the U.S. on August 15, 1948.
Communist China was founded on October 1, 1949.
These two countries are not warring with Japan.

Moreover, it is not a victorious nation which has not signed the San Francisco Peace Treaty, either.

They are not the positions in which it can complain about a war-dead memorial service performed in Japan.


ヨーヨー 12.01.2014 07:51

Was there any country without a fault in the past war?
Now is more important than the past.

People -- being careful -- not the past invasion but the present invasion.
The past not the human rights issue but present human rights issue.
Or is someone inconvenient if people observe now?


Yue Wu Michael 10.01.2014 21:19

Do not ever let Shinzo Abe brain-wash Japan back to imperialism. 1.4 billion people and the 2nd world largest economic system will be watching Japan and its every moves.

Shinzo Abe can be as sensitive as he ever can be. What chinese want is appology and respects to the death Japan caused in ww2. If there is no peace between the two nations, revange blood for blood is inevitable in the near future.


Yue Wu Michael 10.01.2014 21:07

Don't get me wrong, I have Japanese friends and every one of them admits the Massacre. The truth of Japanese war crimes in WW2.

I feel ironic just to hear Japanese kids asking people around the world for evidences of what their own grandfathers did in ww2! Shouldn't Japanese people ask their grandparents for evidences?

Want to find out more from this link below? jmassacre/


Yue Wu Michael 10.01.2014 20:58

I feel pity that nowadays many Japanese people still refuses to accept NanJing Massacre. Is that really that hard to recognize 'your' own grandfather in the pictures from the link below!? Or perhaps 'your' own grandfather were too busy to raise their head while burying victims alive, or perhaps while cutting out victim's organs when victim is still breathing, or perhaps raping women and children over and over till they were rotten?

Oh please do not feel to hard to accept that, there are many massacre like NanJing. And I am not surprised that Japanese Government wants to hide histories from school text books.


Yue Wu Michael 10.01.2014 20:08

Here is my comment, people. Go and learn the truth of Japanese war crimes. Study the realities of how many chinese innocent men, women and children were burried alive. Women and kids were raped and killed in the most inhumane and cruel ways by the Japanese army.

See with your eye on all the burning and robbery Japanese brought to China & Korea. Hear the sorrow and crying those victims made with their last breath.

Ignoring the facts will only make you sounds like Fascism. I bet Adrian Salbuchi is in love with Hitler also?! How do you stop Nazi? by political analyst, author, speaker and radio/TV commentator?


KJ Yadoo 31.12.2013 17:50

The famous pictures as their experimentation have been proved fake. They are those of the autopsies at Jinan Incident.
I can't deny the possibility that there were some crimes of Unit 731.
But, I think the number of guilty experiments should be more fewer than people think even if they would have existed.
Thank you for your opinion. I also wish to walk together toward peaceful future.

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