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Japanese war crimes: I’m sorry?

27.12.2013 11:28

China and South Korea are very angry with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe because he visited the Yosukuni Shrine in Tokyo honoring some 2.5 million Japanese – both military and civilian – who died in war.

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Ebben 27.12.2013 20:25

Aren't they still removing chemical weapons from across Iraq? Yes, no nukes, but I'm almost certain there are a bunch of chem weps stashes all over Iraq...


R 27.12.2013 18:35

Japan saying "Im Sorry?" is alot better of an apology than the Russians issued. They too committed mass rapes as they advanced westward. Some towns along the way were subject to 14 days of mass rapes. Every country "liberated" ; by the USSR suffered this fate to some extent.

The Brits didn't do that in France, the Canadians didn't do that in Holland, and the Aussies didn't do that in Greece. Heck, Germans rushed to surrender to the Americans instead of facing the atrocities by the Red Army.

So until Russia apologizes, RT really doesn't have the moral ground to demand an apology out of anyone else.


Chunde Shi 27.12.2013 18:32

People also need to know that US side had the policy of no-prisoners in the War with Japan; 1.7 million Germany POWs starved to death in US camp due to deliberate policy.


Conor 27.12.2013 17:36

peter 27.12.2013 16:57

So whether Germany or Japan received excessive force back then is morally justified.


It's all well and good when you collectivize the people under country names, isn't it?
Innocent people being maimed or killed en masse for the sake of egomaniacs' power games is never morally justified.


Hugh Wong 27.12.2013 17:32

It is very simple which country starts a war and killed innocent people of the invaded country is the war criminal. Although the invaded country won the war they are defending their country and should not be hold responsible
for war crimes.


peter 27.12.2013 16:57

Japan cannot and will not be a victim of wwII. Before and during the initial stage of wwII, Japan had committed heinous crimes against mostly Chinese where 30 millions have been killed before the wwII even began. No one dare to mention that in the Western World today. Japan well deserved the nuclear attach they got from the USA. If not for the USA what would have happen to the entire Asian Pacific region? Just like we all know that without the Russians, Hitler would have destroyed everything in its front. So whether Germany or Japan received excessive force back then is morally justified.


Tony Berry 27.12.2013 16:22

I support Abe's visit to Yasukuni. In war there are no winners and losers, no right, no wrong, just war, the biggest crime of all, so every nation out there that has partook in wars are nations of war criminals.


Chunde Shi 27.12.2013 15:53

Japanese consider themselves victim of WWII, only ones suffered nukes, and fire-bombed Tokyo, among the worst of single-incident atrocities, if you account number of death.


Delete This Comment 27.12.2013 15:41

It seems a little late to moralize about Dresden and Hamburg after the perpetrators are long dead.

Perha ps you should have taken this issue up with them directly while they were still alive.

You know what would have happened to you if you tried to do that, don't you?

They already got their Honor by force, you take it up with them. This is all ancient history now.


Mike Littlefield 27.12.2013 14:44

When a certain nation apologises for bombing wedding parties, then I might clamor for an apology from Japan.

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