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Jeff Monson: US a police state, George Orwell's 1984 happening before us

March 22, 2013 13:46

People do not need governments: rulers serve banks and corporations and do not care about the well-being of their citizens, believes Jeff Monson, a famous American mixed martial artist, who positions himself as an anarchist.

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Anonymous user 25.03.2013 15:09

The money men are going to finish us off by war or famine

Anonymous user 25.03.2013 14:19

ITS so EZ2 stop PoliceState now when all know of "reverse male witch hunt" Thnk whoevr wrote it

Anonymous user 25.03.2013 14:09

protesters of future will know all police tactics, many will b x-cops, in time idiots cops+weak gov

Anonymous user 25.03.2013 04:34

what a legend

Anonymous user 25.03.2013 03:22

"empire is on decline"

Anonymous user 25.03.2013 02:09

Favorite Professional Fighters

1. Muhammad Ali
2. Jeff Monson
3. Mike Tyson

I still love you Mike!

Anonymous user 25.03.2013 00:58

This guy makes a lot of sense and deserves respect.

Anonymous user 25.03.2013 00:46

Monson isn't liberal, he just knows Obama isn't to blame

Anonymous user 24.03.2013 23:45

Well said but why is RT using facebook, twitter etc to track our comments for CIA? RT now sucks.

Anonymous user 24.03.2013 23:16

Stepping on the American flag is one thing but when a person wears anklets they should get punched.

Anonymous user 24.03.2013 22:36

But police said “It's not us..just doing our job!”<-U will b judge by own laws as accomplices!!

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