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‘US should stop war games simulating invasion of North Korea and lift sanctions’

08.03.2013 12:26

The situation on the Korean Peninsula is currently very tense, and even a small incident may lead to a full-scale war even if none of the parties want it. And the US should better try to normalize relations, anti-war activist Brian Becker told RT.

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David John Andrew Forsyth 10.04.2013 03:43

NK bombs SK, US attacks back and steps over the peninsula into China, china then persues to attack US which leads to a massive WWIII, then Russia would have to step in because they would be threatening their border and what about japan who is not far from SK? they would have to defend themselves it will spark a HUGE War.

Anonymous user 30.03.2013 17:08

North korea is a threat! a dictatorship with nukes and control over it people can not be "defensive" ;


Koz Koz 11.03.2013 11:48

[quote name='Ben Sanderson' time='09.03.2013 15:10']no one profits from war.
going to war costs money.
Even if you took all the money from a country, it woudnt be enough to repay what you spent attacking it.
THINK.[/quot e]

apparty from the 1% who own the companies that produce the fuel, tanks, fighter jets, bombs, guns, etc etc. did you know that American comapanies continued to trade with N/\zi Germany even as WW2 went on? what a joke the US really is...

Anonymous user 11.03.2013 05:36

Stop buying arrogant South Korean cars and electronics. If not plan to pay for their imminent war.


mat ahari 11.03.2013 03:52

Washington is always miscalculating. One day it WILL face reaction.

Anonymous user 11.03.2013 02:25

The problem is the Americans are over fed+have lost all common sence-No more the number one hurts!

Anonymous user 11.03.2013 01:12

@Stan Dinsmore 10.03.2013 17:40
NK has nothing to repay with.

Anonymous user 11.03.2013 00:50

Guess how many are thinking of hunger?

Anonymous user 11.03.2013 00:38

2013: The year someone uses a Nuke.

Anonymous user 10.03.2013 17:44

Honestly the North Koreans versus the UN is like ants versus a magnifying glass.


Stan Dinsmore 10.03.2013 17:40

Ben says no one profits from war. That is the point. War is biggest US Industry; with multi-nationals Corporations, US arms industry, all benefit. Look how much money Britain repayed US after WW2 for weaponry. War is about spoils; economic ones play major part, always. So Ben; you are wrong again. Sorry!

Anonymous user 10.03.2013 15:09

Perhaps it's time to stop this. One year to agree, or resume the war.

Anonymous user 10.03.2013 14:25

I feel sorry for the ordinary north korean people its not their fault its their commie government

Anonymous user 10.03.2013 14:05

Get real; how can a Coward/Dastard be a protector at the same time? Yugoslavia ring a bell?

Anonymous user 10.03.2013 11:37

The US is there ONLY to protect SK from anything.

Anonymous user 10.03.2013 10:02

If the Evil U.S. establishment didn’t constantly mess there the peninsula would’ve been one K

Anonymous user 10.03.2013 09:18

N.K may frizzle, radio active falls on America. Who wins I wonder?

Anonymous user 10.03.2013 08:38

Ben: If Ignorance was blessed, you would be a saint. Seriously.

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