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​Malaysia flight riddle: How can a passenger plane go missing in the age of universal surveillance?

21.03.2014 09:06

Debris about 79 feet long has been spotted off the coast of Australia. Whether it belongs to missing Flight MH370 remains a mystery so far.

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steve 22.03.2014 15:16

Hmm there is alot on the net about this saying the usa have the plane due to the people on board know too much about 911 and how it was more of a inside job to let them find the will of the people to go to war. i do hope the people are ok. it is very strange may we need to talk to the Canadian defense minister Paul Hellyer, 80 different species of aliens out there
may they have taken them to see what we Humans do ??


Sam 22.03.2014 14:57

When the abductors are partner with the powers, the whole earth can go missing!


Jean-Claude Meslin 22.03.2014 14:27

Strangely, the story I read from VOR, over a week ago seems plausible. The 20 Freescale engineer worked on a STEALTH (invisible) airplane project; which has something to do with electronic devise making radars blind. If a test had been programmed on the B 777 without the pilots' knowledge, it will explain everything: The test failed; a missile struck the plane which is now on the ocean's floor. The country who has done that tragedy is not going to brag about it and do what ever she can to cover it up. The truth will appear in 50 years (Same as the Rio-Paris Airbus). French media censure that kind of comments)...


Souza 22.03.2014 14:19

to josé go walk: you're illiterate!


Ryan Van Woerkom 22.03.2014 14:05

To Joseph Walker: In regards to your comment, we live in the 21st century indicating we have technology to find missing items. Radar, metal detection devices, satellites, etc., these were all created for such events. Knowing these exists and have been in use by countless experts for days and days now, I would say its safe to say it is missing or the truth is being kept from us. That is all the education required. Keep your negativity and lack of knowledge to yourself, that would be more useful.


Bogdan Mandru 22.03.2014 13:32

@ firsttoknow. com/9-crazy-conspira cy-theories-surround ing-the-missing-mala ysia-airlines-jetlin er/?utm_source=faceb ookshare

se e number 3 more closely


Joseph Walker 22.03.2014 13:27

Idiots its not missing it just can't be located.The Planet is mostly water ,anything gone down in this expanse of water takes finding.Get educated that would be more useful .


John Mensah 22.03.2014 13:06

It's becoming more complex puzzles relating to the reason why, how, when and what might have led to this weird missing flight mh370. I know the flight is not missing instead we are missing to understand to solve the puzzle. The puzzle will be Malaysia and China, sometime mh370 crews. God saves flight mh370 for his glory to be known by all race in the face of this earth.


Yi Jiun 22.03.2014 12:23

[quote name='Nadezhda Kevorkova' time='22.03.2014 10:54']Russia took part - there are Russian investigators[/quote ]

But seemed like the US authorities had their hands on all evidences, leads and results....There seemed to be not much of an oversight, if any.

Every piece of evidence seemed to pass through their hands and also all the important main leads were released by the US authorities.


marcelo 22.03.2014 12:19

I think I know why; in Malaysia there a lots of l-a-d-y-bo-y-s, the report said that the pilot actually likes boys, with so many boys in that flight, he met someone and fall in love, then he asked the co-pilot to go to the back of the plain and get some sleep, that was when he divert the plain to a Caribbean island and are all enjoy themselves. It makes sense!! Doesn't it?

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