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The hijacking of Mandela's legacy

08.12.2013 11:49

Beware of strangers bearing gifts. The “gift” is the ongoing, frantic canonization of Nelson Mandela. The “strangers” are the 0.0001 percent, that fraction of the global elite that’s really in control (media naturally included).

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South African Guy 28.03.2014 23:07

The ANC only found out it had been conned when it took power

ha ha ha. well said Mr Escobar


Regula 15.12.2013 12:30

A very thoughtful and finely observed article. Thank you Pepe Escobar. It explains why Obama's eulogy at the memorial felt like cliches, not a word was really felt. I certainly agree that Obama is no Mandela, although he talks as if the were far beyond Mandela. Obama didn't understand the difference between Mandela and himself: Mandela fought and supported armed struggle to liberate the oppressed people, the blacks. Obama fights wars to oppress the people and nations and subjugate them under the US neoliberal yoke of living as American slaves (client states). That is fundamentally the opposite standpoint of Mandela's.


OriginalAmericanPioneer 11.12.2013 20:51

During breakfast in Joburg (1994) a Malaysian businessman ask if he could join me for breakfast. During our conversation he rather phlegmatically informed me that the economic elites who controlled South Africa are primarily Jewish, Malaysian/Indian and some English. When I visited Australia, I bumbled across a whole community of Afrikaners who fled South Africa to escape the racist criminal terrorism directed against them. My assessment is that the elites sold out the white South African population, at a whim, to maintain their power. The oligarchs will do the same to the Russian people if given half a chance.


Mathew Kagis 11.12.2013 03:34

Ernst Kuschke 10.12.2013 14:44

This article is almost exclusively fictional. I don't know where you got these "facts" from Pepe.


Wow, Ernst, do you have, oh I dunno, any papers, articles or other statements of FACT to back up your bulshit opinion? Because all the research I've done shows that this article is chocked full of reality. Read 'The Shock Doctrine', and Mandela's own memoirs & essays, then try again.


Ernst Kuschke 10.12.2013 14:44

This article is almost exclusively fictional. I don't know where you got these "facts" from Pepe.


Joseph Walker 10.12.2013 12:36

Have the shanti towns be removed?Since Mandela ANC party took over?Who shot miners lately not the white boys.But the Blacks.
The only true leader in the south is Mugabe.PS Angola and the cubans got rid of any whites who had any designs on Angola.


Poths 10.12.2013 12:08

@ R

Perhaps this article was "so nutty" because you misunderstood the argument.

I don't think Pepe is saying that .00001% are Mandela's only supporters, or that is he saying that politicians paying their respects is not representative of the people.

The point is that the 0.00001% and the politicians eulogising about Mandela is not in keeping with the policies those groups have followed, in the past or even currently.

Those who dictate the media agenda are whitewashing the fundamental aspects of Mandela's philosophy that conflict with their own agendas. They are re-writing history.


R 10.12.2013 06:19

I was like "Why is this article so nutty?" Then I saw who wrote it and it all makes sense.

Pepe just sits in his moms basement, hating that other people are more famous then him. The ".00001%?" huh Pepe? I got 198 Friends on Facebook and say somewhere in the ballpark of 120 tributes in my newsfeed. Thats 77% of the people I know.

Id say leaders going to pay respect to Mandela is very representative of the people. Of course, not to a Marxists anarchist like yourself.

D ont believe me? GO check the comment boards for Mandela on EVERY other news site. The % that support him is far greater than ".00001%".


1389 09.12.2013 17:55

There is no such thing as a good Communist or a good socialist, "democratic&quo t; or otherwise.

Nelson Mandela was no hero and no saint - quite the contrary!


Legfighter 09.12.2013 15:20

I really like this article by Pepe Escobar especially where he points out how the Apartheid regimes demise came down to a badly run economy and settler racisms contradictions, any African American growing up in the South in the 20s to 60s will know what I’m talking about.

It’s always about the money I guess the racists who want to run back to the good old days don’t understand this perhaps they should try to go reconquer Angola, Namibia, Mozambique again were their type got a critical beat down from Cuba any takers?


The Monk 09.12.2013 15:10

MOSCO W (Reuters) - President Vladimir Putin tightened his control over Russia's media on Monday by dissolving the main state news agency and replacing it with an organization that is to promote Moscow's image abroad.

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