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‘Ridiculous Manning trial proves demand for whistleblowers’

04.06.2013 00:58

Barack Obama has prosecuted more whistleblowers than any of his predecessors, with Bradley Manning’s case part of the crackdown, but people will still break the rules to reveal the truth to the public, Kristinn Hrafnsson, Wikileaks spokesman, told RT.

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Anonymous user 28.07.2013 16:49

Whistleblowers UNITE! It is time leaders realize we elected then and they work for We the People

Anonymous user 19.07.2013 10:23

Everyone that wants world peace and suffering to stop should try the leaks. lets all get involved.

Anonymous user 19.07.2013 10:21

I reckon everyone then should have go. They can't arrest the whole wold a kill them!

Anonymous user 28.06.2013 07:26

Give the man a medal. Need more people willing to step up to the plate like he did. With love,Canada

Anonymous user 06.06.2013 09:31

ppl in US are hapless prisoners of their dictators Too scared or stupid to clean the mess they're in

Anonymous user 05.06.2013 17:53

USG is a corrupt war-hawk. Drone-ama, give Brad your NOBEL! He's earned it. You haven't!

Anonymous user 05.06.2013 17:13

The US govt is the prosecuter and the juge so its a case for the human rights court on all accounts


fredka27 05.06.2013 10:23

Manning is a true hero not like all the propaganda we have here in the US toward people in military uniform, For example, I was in a plane once and the stewardess announced to give a hand for some Marine in the plane, f-ck that! Also in ball parks many times they would announce that there was a group of military in a section of the ball park ,same thing, To me a hero is one that performs a heroic act, not just wear a uniform But, in this ongoing war like attitude here in the US this is normal, . Marines in Falluja heros?, more like criminals to me or bombing Vietnam with chemicals heros? It's all a PR stunt for war.

Anonymous user 05.06.2013 06:08

I am with Manning all the way.

Anonymous user 05.06.2013 03:19

Follow the money! This isn't about American G.I.'s or Islamist extremists. Who finances both sides?!

Anonymous user 04.06.2013 21:42

Biggest CRIMINALS or Earth in prison people exposing their crimes (like Manning) WE HAVE 2 STOP THEM

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