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Media 'steered away' from explaining true 'detonation' in Texas

19.04.2013 02:56

Christopher Busby, a chemist from the UK, bemoaned the media’s lack of explanation on the true cause of the explosion in Texas Wednesday. He told RT the blast posed a threat to firefighters because of "hallucinogenic properties" in airborne chemicals.

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Victor Vonzell 30.11.2013 07:39

How do you think people would react if they knew someone had a hand in blowing up a planet like that? So you cover it up and hope to catch the person whom done the deed. We as a nation have to start thinking that all is not well in OZ. We can be gotten to from within look at 911. To me this is just the start of more coverups. Their are people out there that will do bad things and when Law Enforcement have no ideal of whom is doing it then you get the coverup. Or the persons or person just know what they are doing and they know it well. But it could be what happened was to cover up something bigger that is coming later


Rob Duncan 02.09.2013 21:39

Not to imply that's what happened. But just saying a fire that might ignite an accelerant of that small magnitude can do it.


Rob Duncan 02.09.2013 21:37

A blasting cap can detonate it in a confined space.


Timothy 02.09.2013 16:39

It seems to me, the ammonium nitrate exploded because of being overheated by a fire at the plant. How the fire started, I have heard nothing about. Not too surprising, as most of the evidence was obliterated in the blast.

Toxi c gases should not have been too much of a problem, as the winds were very strong at the time of the fire and subsequent explosion.

Anonymous user 25.04.2013 22:06

America doesn't allow the truth.

Anonymous user 24.04.2013 03:39

Why consult an extreme anti nuclear activist in an issue like this?

Anonymous user 23.04.2013 06:44

Classic example of what happens when the unfortunate truth is deemed unAmerican.

Anonymous user 21.04.2013 17:26

most first-news cites ANFL rather than NH4NO3 though tanking rupture could cause percussive detonate

Anonymous user 21.04.2013 12:35

The headline misleads. The author refers to the media as steering, not as being steered.

Anonymous user 21.04.2013 12:27

"Waco massacre" of Branch Davidians on April 19,1993.Exactly 20 years ago.
The blast is the revenge.

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