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Monsanto took over regulatory bodies all over the world to lobby GMO

04.09.2013 14:46

Monsanto is trying to take full control of the world’s seed supply for a greater profit, hiding any report of damage GMO does to the ecosystem and human health, Jeffrey M. Smith, GMO researcher from the Institute for Responsible Technology, told RT.

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John Novak 19.09.2013 07:41

Since corporations are now people, this one needs the death sentence.


sorry2brude 08.09.2013 09:31

When a corporation as large as Monsanto attacks and bullies the small ma and pa farmers and tells them they cannot grow certain crops... and threatens those farmers with huge law suits as they hide behind the FDA, then Monsanto should be destroyed. . . Torn apart . . . Lawyer by lawyer.


William Webb 06.09.2013 07:55

During the most severe drought in recent history, the US grew hundreds of millions of tons of corn. The GMO corn is designed to grow big and fast even in severe drought. Monsanto should be taxed at about 50% then we'll all be even.


Fred Lunjevich 06.09.2013 06:43

Wow, there is so much crazy in this article it is hard to imagine someone being so far unhinged from actual science. If someone can point out to me the difference between all the artificial selection we've done over the last 8000 years or so with the precise selection that we're doing now then we'll talk. Fact is, you can't.

Modern scientific genetic engineering produces far more predictable results than any other method before it. Besides, nature cross-mingles DNA all the time (Google Horizontal gene transfer).


Jon Owens 06.09.2013 01:17

Comments in support of GMO's? Who knows why-there's no advantage to them unless you work for the chemical companies or own stock in them. But one of the tools that corporations are using now is infiltrating blogs.

These companies are so full of $hit-first they say, our products are benign but then they say no, they are different and deserve patents.

La stly, can we tone down the rhetoric-I'm getting confused as to who it is that is promoting genocide...


Lahcen Oizaz 05.09.2013 10:20

Monsanto = population control the wrong way.


cilantro 05.09.2013 00:05

four pro-gmo comments in a row seems suspicious. why so eager to promote it?


Tony Stephens 04.09.2013 23:34

They throw most of it away. Arthur Dent above says Monsanto has committed genocide - when ? Monsanto company today was formed in about 2000 out of the Pharmacia who bought old Monsanto. The old Monsanto is now called Pharmacia or Pfizer


Tony Stephens 04.09.2013 23:34

They increase yields by preventing insect damage not stopped by chemical insecticides. You can make up all the stories you want but 3 billion acres planted over 16 years and not a single hospitalization but organic food kills people every year. Why aren't you killing with known killers? Because there is no logic to your argument. You have created an anti-GM religion that is not based on any facts but things made up by organic industrialists who want to justify their higher prices ---you have to admit that organic is higher cost.


Tony Stephens 04.09.2013 23:33

There are plenty of benefits from gm crops this wis why when they are available 90% of farmers use them - think about that for a moment 90%. They reduce the use of chemical insecticides by massive amounts, they provide additional herbicides for farmers to use such glyphosate and gluphosinate, dicamba etc.


Tony Stephens 04.09.2013 23:31

so much nonsense science in this - what I would expect for non-science person trying to piece together science from the internet - where do I begin nearly everything is wrong, incorrect.


Arthur Dent 04.09.2013 22:18

Monsanto is committing genocide!!! This what they do is genocide, and every government, every company that works with them should be prosecuted for genocide!!!!!

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