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Ratted out: Scientific journal bows to Monsanto over anti-GMO study

02.12.2013 11:29

Rigid criteria exist for a serious scientific journal to accept a peer-reviewed paper and to publish it. As well there exist strict criteria by which such an article can be withdrawn after publication.

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Amir Eslampanah 04.05.2014 15:02

Jeremiah 9:15

Theref ore this is what the LORD Almighty, the God of Israel, says: "See, I will make this people eat bitter food and drink poisoned water.


Steve Oldschool 13.01.2014 21:38

What is your response Mr William Engdahl
to the confident scientist Kevin Folta?

GM maize is synthesized in to almost every product in a supermarket - Someone is adamant on poisoning all of us.
Stop eating processed foods- it is the only way to maintain health.

We' re surrounded by all this technology and still we drive further in to the mess.


Seha Alturk 29.12.2013 20:14

Why do we have to torture animals to that extent to prove something that is already visible to the naked eye?
Is it any better than killing sharks for their fin, elephants for ivory or rhinos for horn?
That is one thing the so called educated scientists and ignorant fishermen/hunters have in common with their self-declared leaders who would not hesitate to declare wars for their ratings!


Charity Katelin 21.12.2013 19:36

In the USA, since the use of GMO's in the late 1990's, the use of INSECTICIDES (per gov't reports) has increased 90 times. Yeah, this is a chemical designed to kill things.

The use of herbicides increases 25% EACH year. The spraying is now so often the State of Hawaii is having battles over it now.

Yes, the GMO plant is hardier, but in biology, things MUTATE or change. we now have lots of things resistant to antibiotics. Maybe irrigation instead of spraying the plants with 90 times the amount poison?

So, ANY study, less then 3-4 years on long term effects, is 100%, USELESS, in the world of biology.


Steve Hutchens 20.12.2013 05:15

Show me ONE independent long term study, just one, that shows this stuff is safe... The biotech industry 90 day studies dont satisfy any long term questions. Even their sort term studies showed problems. we are all fools to allow this ..sadly our children will suffer this genetic roulette. the world does not need this science, it is a for profit misguided technology..


TR M 17.12.2013 05:25

"the results presented (while not incorrect) are inconclusive"

George Carlin is rolling over in his grave laughing at that one.

Inconclusi ve studies are not retracted. The fix is in. 3 "unnamed" individuals made the decision with input from two others.

Transparen cy = Legitimacy

Elsevier has none.


Georgi Skanderbeg 14.12.2013 15:22

That Monsanto et al has spent billions of dollars
to suppress Labeling of GMO products, the clear evidence of damage to other food plants, animals and important insects is enough to have them indicted in a world criminal court for crimes against humanity. To qubbile about a paper is to fight over bridge that spans a dry river.


materP 05.12.2013 00:51

The decision not to show the control pictures is likely due to space limits and would not make a difference in any conclusions. How much of the data used to write/publish a paper is actually used? How many times do reviewers ask for more data/other information before its passes the review process? Looks like straw man to me...

Also just from looking at figure 1 in the paper it is pretty obvious that GMO fed rats had a shorter lifespan than the controls and this effect is especially pronounced in female rats..anyone who views the figures and concludes otherwise is at worst disingenuous or foolish at best.


Kevin Folta 03.12.2013 16:59

As a scientist, this paper would never have passed my critical review. It is not Monsanto stopping this, it is scientists that saw the subversion of the peer-review process to promote a deceptive agenda.

Don't believe me? Let's look at the lumpy rat figure shown above.

What is missing? How about a control? How about the rat with non-GMO diet? According to Table 2, they got tumors too. Oops. The decision to NOT show that image suggests ill intent of authors, along with lazy reviewing and editing.

There are no data in that figure. It is a graphic image to scare and misinform. Not science- it's torture.


Atiya 03.12.2013 11:44

It is heartbreaking to see the cruelties we humans inflict on animals just for the sake of testing things that we do not even need to test. What these innocent mice have to go through to test all sorts of things for us. Surely, there must be ways of avoiding it.


rjms 03.12.2013 10:30

more issues at stake here:

1) genetic improvement of food orgs done for 1000s of years but never had influence on eco-system

2) roundUp does affect eco-system
groun d org's first suppressed then develop (genetic) immunity, then become superbugs due to eco-system imbalance.

3) gmo plant not poisonous in your gut but in insect gut may rob soil of all insect life. !!! beehive collapse is nothing compared to this.

4) all plants need healthy balanced soil, so with dead soil low yield and with superbugs bigger RoundUp need = land poisoning (+ fracking)


tony s 03.12.2013 04:05

Which would explain why he was in demand too advise on publications


tony s 03.12.2013 04:05

Since Goodman worked with Monsanto and went back into academia to take a lower pay but still work on safety testing - why shouldn't he use his experience to go to meeting and give talks at companies, the USDA and EPA. Does he have to give a talk at Greenpeace to make you happy? These guys don't make a ton of money this way - it pays their expenses. He left Monsanto he either didn't like working there or was let go either way he is hardly in their pocket. Maybe because he spend x years working on safety testing he knows a bit more than you or I about it. In fact so much so even the EPA and USDA ask for his advice.


Gem 03.12.2013 00:58

Todays contest: American corporation's v The unfortunate truth...Result: American corporation, knockout in the first.

And before those in the EU give thanks for the Atlantic, forget it, when the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA) starts, if you or even your government dares to swerve from the Amtruth the cost will be prohibitive. That's our future in the EU & UK, freedom of speech (but only if American corporations agree)!

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