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Basketball diplomacy in North Korea

02.03.2013 18:44

It's an unlikely friendship, built upon the love of basketball. The chummy alliance between former-NBA star Dennis Rodman and North Korean Supreme leader Kim Jong-un was anything but expected, as tensions between Washington and Pyongyang continue to rise.

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Anonymous user 07.04.2013 20:09

China is Asia leader so as for USA should be back off.

Anonymous user 08.03.2013 02:29

North Korea not China ally

Anonymous user 05.03.2013 23:44

It's just beyond me that the country leader rub shoulder such character like this not good, not GOOD

Anonymous user 04.03.2013 15:00

You seen one game of Hoops; you've seen them all. Boring American culture,maybe want to bore N.K.

Anonymous user 04.03.2013 00:58

he is a spy infiltration


Stan Dinsmore 03.03.2013 19:09

Jong-un like Rodman says, doesn't want war. It doesn't benefit him. He only is cajoling + pulling on the USAs chain. Double-talk + Deception; he is only behaving like Politicos do worldwide. Saying things that are self-serving like all the rest. Don't ever think that he doesn't have intl' conacts or is politically naive. Clever young Man.

Anonymous user 03.03.2013 12:11

I love how the countries with most nukes deployed protest other countries developing them.

Anonymous user 03.03.2013 12:09

What North Korea going to do? Wipe out the world with a 4 kiloton nuke? Please.4Self Defense only.

Anonymous user 03.03.2013 11:08

Think about it like this: This gives China Plausible Denialability

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