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Obama administration ‘cut off all negotiations over North Korea’

03.04.2013 15:12

The US leader follows a policy, which strangles N. Korea “through sanctions and economic measures in the hope that it’ll collapse at some point,” a member of think tank for the advisory board at the Korea Policy Institute, Gregory Elich, told RT.

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Anonymous user 06.04.2013 09:04

N Korea is crazy. Even Russia and China agreed to sanctions.

Anonymous user 05.04.2013 18:24

Goodbye, Switzerland, Good riddance to the City. Spare us the lies. Bank of the United States.

Anonymous user 04.04.2013 18:19

Save money! Close the State Dept. and the War Dept. Let the govt. workers file for unemployment!

Anonymous user 04.04.2013 10:03

Russia should counter US bullyism by opening trade wide open with North Korea. NK need more friends.

Anonymous user 04.04.2013 10:01

What about 'talk softly & carry big stick'? No talk, just rush with stick. Uncivilized US is monster

Anonymous user 04.04.2013 03:15

obama dont pay boy becoz obama dont have no cash in the fed boy .Expect a run on your banks verysoon

Anonymous user 04.04.2013 02:05

NK been black mailing the US for aid with eachstepin military growth since Clinton. Obama don't play

Anonymous user 04.04.2013 01:56

Yeah don't negotiate but plead with NK not to defeat you for the second time!!

Anonymous user 03.04.2013 23:18

John Kerry ye big oirish bruisa have ye bin fallin out wit de little peeple agen

Anonymous user 03.04.2013 23:13

The US Corporation Must Fall. Terrorism to even the citizens of the USA. Kill the Corporations.

Anonymous user 03.04.2013 22:44

Big Talk, I want to see some action

Anonymous user 03.04.2013 22:24

All fear and h8 N Korea. Pay no attention to Monsanto protection act and bribe taking US government.

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