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More young whistleblowers 2.0 to seek justice through maximum exposure

09.06.2013 23:05

The new generation of whistleblowers who learnt their lessons from the Manning case will go public having an emergency plan against US persecution, former MI-5 agent Annie Machon told RT speaking about the man behind the massive NSA surveillance leak.

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Míchael Tew 18.08.2013 00:38

Snowden looks like an op to me. I think the purpose is to create the impression that everything you do and say is being watched and recorded. That might even be true, but so what. It is way too much data for any analysis. The fear is the goal - making people afraid of communicating with each other.


Gordon Jenkins 29.06.2013 08:03

What's this conflict against Syria/Iran all about? It is about the use of a gold standard. Using a gold standard erases the value of the privately financed, U.S. dollar. Going to a gold standard stop the U.S. Military without engagement. Do you think that the U.S. is concerned about rule of law?


Gordon Jenkins 29.06.2013 07:38

Now you see what role Edward Snowden played (is playing) in this pre-Syrian/Iranian war preparation. Snowden's Objective: Attack Social Media by discrediting it, to silence chatter about upcoming war against Syria and Iran. It served up as a distraction. As far as CIA operations go this one really actually worked, for a while. I even stopped using Facebook for a while. Google/Facebook/Skyp e/Twitter be wary of upgrades being sold recently, they could have a secret off switch somewhere that can be remotely triggered by say the NSA perhaps? Good trick, make you feel insecure so you would install NSA malware.?


Gordon Jenkins 29.06.2013 07:16

The promotion of fear of using social media is THE threat of free speech. If the fear campaign is the objective, it may have worked initially, but the coercion doesn't last, it wears off, it wears thin, and then it wears out until the wizard behind the curtain is exposed. If the NSA keeps records, then excellent! At the Nuremburg Trials whose well kept precise records were used to convict whom? Bad idea NSA, real bad. Keith Alexander, guess who gets convicted first and hung by his own rope? Be afraid, Keith, be very, very afraid! Tweet away people, fill your facebooks, people, it's evidence AGAINST the NSA.

Anonymous user 19.06.2013 16:57

Obama plays the fiddle while his country burns. I'm so sorry for the kids growing up today.

Anonymous user 17.06.2013 18:31

Get rid of intelligence agencies. They are a synonym for "corruption&quo t;. Same as "politicians&qu ot;.

Anonymous user 16.06.2013 15:06

All of the new whistleblowers Power in numbers.

Anonymous user 14.06.2013 02:30

The entire Western World has been one BiG PSYCHOP for a long time. Be as Radical as Reality

Anonymous user 14.06.2013 01:06

Nuremberg trials were full of those 'just following orders'. See wrongs? Fix them! It's just right..


BKLTD | LONDON 12.06.2013 04:28

Nope. I'm not buying her spiel (never did, to be honest) and I'm not buying Snowden. And Assange's douchery has well preceded him. (You) people are just rats. You're traitors. This is not a good example for anyone to follow.

What happened to writing BOOKS or comprehensive articles, or creating some sort of responsive ART to protest (your) government? ..."Whistleblow ing" is just plain tattling. It's puerile. Its self-flagellating ... and now it can be leveraged to gain some sort of value to a peer group. Methinks ur all a bit mental.

Anonymous user 11.06.2013 14:20

ONLY hope for Obama is Full Disclosure

Impeachment Awaits

Repu blicans hold your Noose

You tied it

Anonymous user 10.06.2013 23:25

Young courageous whistle blowers , show murderous governments you are not idiots nor stupid . BRAVO


nicholas jordan 10.06.2013 22:17

Heliotrope Helicopters & Greymeat Lizards are no match for Pink Drones from Fibber Optic Supply so get over it folks—use only the approved lens-cleaning kits supplied with your smoke-detector.

Anonymous user 10.06.2013 21:14

Turning everyone against each other is exactly what the elite want. They have paid security, we dont

Anonymous user 10.06.2013 21:12

VP Cheney went hunting with a guy that said the wrong thing. He was shot "on accident" in the face.

Anonymous user 10.06.2013 18:01

USA has become horrific. I'm so happy I don't live there. Also I'll avoid all USA net corporations.


Wulirider 10.06.2013 14:03

Seriously ponder, has the NSA being taken over at the most highest level, by the CIA or even the ramnants of the 4th Reich, via Paper Clip, a literally coordinated penetration into Russian, USA, England, etc countries after doing a money deal for monies washed via Bilderberg origins back then and just concluded again? Is not the DC gang acting as fi someone has a gun to their heads as they transfer TRILLIONS to who known where since '08? Has not the DC gang gone fascist since 911? Who is pulling the strings turning America into literal prison?

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