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‘Any country with a nuclear plant is a bomb factory’

07.11.2013 00:31

There are countries who are selling nuclear reactors all around the world, which means they are not only selling cancer and leukemia to the future generations, but also atomic bombs, anti-nuclear advocate Dr. Helen Caldicott said in RT’s Google Hangout.

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Daan van Utrecht 05.01.2014 17:53

The costs for safe storage of nuclair waste is extremly high, some waste needs to be stored indefently, it is of course never profitable. Only if you ignore safty. lobby groups are only working for the benefits of the industry. And a problem is that politicians only make decisions on the short term, (10 years) and with nuclair stuff you should look at a 1000 years or more. This ignorance creates a presedent for dangerous situations. But what can you expect when goverments and companies promoted smoking and DDT's a while ago. Unless we move to get a ban on nuclair power in the constitution nothing will change.


Gabriel Guy 18.11.2013 18:24

You are all right, let's go back to fire warmed houses and candles. you say that nuclear power plants are dangerous ? I would love to see how safe is a world where every one lights a fire at night to stay warmed and to see something .

And please don't even come up with solar panels and wind farms, these non recyclable things are not and will never be efficient enough to sustain the 7 Billions people 's need on this planet.

Whe re we need to work is not how we produce our energy but how we consume it.


Dƛvid Henry 09.11.2013 14:45

Caldicott speaks the truth. Calder Hall (now known as Sellafield) in Cumbria, England was originally built with the sole purpose of producing weapons-grade Plutonium for the first British atom bomb back in 1952, despite not being connected to the National Grid as a power station until 1956! Scotland has set a target to become 100% dependent on renewable energy by 2020, they've slammed the UK's government's renewed investment in Nuclear Energy as "Misguided" ; as we approach the upcoming referendum on Scottish independence the people of Scotland may be doomed with Nuclear insanity on their doorstep whatever the outcome..


zorro 08.11.2013 15:48

JAPAN has 50 Nuclear Power Stations already active, a country that is surrounded by water and in the zone of Tsunamies, earthquakes and Tropical hurricanes. USA has 104 Nuclear stations, France has 58, we humans on this planet Earth are pretty much doomed already.


zorro 08.11.2013 15:39

Every country in the world has a source of renewable energy but the money hungry companies dont allow this to happen because they will lose there business of nuclear and oil refineries and so on. Natural energy is what we must fight for if we want a future for our generations to come. SUN, WIND ,WAVES EVEN H2O.


zorro 08.11.2013 15:35

The people in every country that has Nuclear power stations should protest and protest and riot until all nuclear stations are closed down. The future for our CHILDREN is very very bleak, Dr Helen Caldicott confirms this 100%. The world is doomed if we humans let the crazy money hungry goverments do what they want without care for us, CREMATION OF CARE is real and explains how these politicians can act the way they do.


bleeddonor 08.11.2013 08:39

Not just a bomb factory. A doomsday machine. Any nuclear plant that is busy contributing its spent rods to a pool where they can be massed in aggregate and set afire on command is a doomsday machine.

I was a big fan of thorium. LFTR, go look it up. Solves a lot of problems. But there are still going to be human beings involved in the process of generating power, and if it hasn't already been made obvious, we are simply incapable of being responsible for succeeding generations. If the problem comes due over twenty years from now, we ignore it.

Technol ogy is a trap. We all need to go back to farming.


L. Jovanovic 08.11.2013 08:04

Ethan James Crispy 07.11.2013 16:47

america has no nuclear power but still have nuclear weapons


Ans where did you get this information? It's dead wrong.
We have nuclear power all over the country. We, like Germany, should shut it all down while we still can.


BernardV 08.11.2013 08:00

Ethan James Crispy 07.11.2013 16:47

america has no nuclear power but still have nuclear weapons


Didn't you even read the article? The US has a hundred nuclear plants.


L. Jovanovic 08.11.2013 07:59

PotatoKing 07.11.2013 22:45

You don't seem to reliase that nuclear energy produces a lot of electircity. How are you going to meet demand when people like you consuming so much energy, buying things that are mass produced in factories. If you want tech to work you gotta feed it.


Get out of the BOX of your thinking. We do have alternatives. And by the way, what do you mean by "people like you?" I assume you don't buy 'anything' mass produced? "You gotta feed it." By all means. Feed the monster of death.


BernardV 08.11.2013 07:58

Leslie Corrice 08.11.2013 01:40

HC is nothing more than a bigoted doomsday prophet who's "guarantees& ;amp;quo t; of apocalyptic impacts from nuke accidents have all failed to materialize. She needs to stop scaring people because the psychological damage of her unrealistic assertions have caused much more damage than 10 Chernobyls.


Are you off your head? Sheep in Wales needed to be destroyed and their corpses buried and that's a thousand miles from Chenobyl. All the land between Ukraine and Great Britain was affected. Thousands have died because of this.


L. Jovanovic 08.11.2013 07:54

Leslie Corrice 08.11.2013 01:40

HC is nothing more than a bigoted doomsday prophetthe psychological damage of her unrealistic assertions have caused much more damage than 10 Chernobyls.


I say. "Unrealistic assertions can cause more damage than 10 Chernpbyls." Chernpbyl affected all of Europe.
Words=10 times.....never mind. I believe you're too ignorant to ever understand.


Piers B. 08.11.2013 02:03

[quote name='Shawn H Corey' time='07.11.2013 16:06']Not all reactors are the same. Thorium and CANDU reactors are different. Anyone who does not distinguish between them undermines their credibility.[/quo te]

Yes, Thorium, CANDU and other nuclear alternatives exist that are not only much safer but help us burn up and make safe already spend Uranium/Plutonium fuel. Let's not allow the Military Industrial complex threaten life on earths' existance because they want large bombs.

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