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Pediatrician anti-nuclear advocate Helen Caldicott will answer your questions at Google Hangout

31.10.2013 12:21

Got any questions about our planet’s nuclear future, chances of Fukushima issue being tackled and pros and cons of the nuclear energy?

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Anita Stewart 05.11.2013 13:06

I cannot get into the GOOGLE HANGOUT, it says LIVE, but no sound or image.


Peter Craig 03.11.2013 14:36

Actually met this incredible lady in Princeton at age 12 back in 73 at a symposium. First time I was made aware of the dangers of the nuclear industry. Her insight and passion should be heard by all the world, but I really think our goose has been cooked by fukushima. Do yourself a favor and become informed.


Frank Cardoza 01.11.2013 08:33

Breakthrough: tbtf Banks have industrialized the annihilation of Humanity

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