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Historians will ask why Obama destroyed & torpedoed Syrian peace deal

05.09.2013 10:36

As the humanitarian crisis unfolds in the Syrian conflict, with suffering refugees suffering reaching the two-million mark, RT’s contributor Afshin Rattansi says Obama actually destroyed the peace deal when it was on the table.

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stanny 03.10.2013 19:03

Obamah is a failed president looking for an achievement of any kind. He needs a war to legitamise his presidency. Like the very worst of US presidents.


Charles 07.09.2013 21:42

The reason is so simple, folks: Obama is a Muslim by birth and supports Islamic extremists. He hardly bothers to deny this, by the way. He was elected by ignorant "Democrats" ; who don't know the difference between "Islam" and "He's lame" or between "Mohammad" and "Mohammad Ali".


kc 06.09.2013 04:02

Just like pear harbor and 9/11 .......

The world need the truth .........

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