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Obama’s NSA review board proving the cynics right

28.08.2013 05:06

When the US Congress wants to pretend to solve a problem, they create a “Gang of Six” or a “Gang of Eight.” When the White House wants to pretend to solve a problem, they create a panel – or some sort of independent review board.

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James Van Daele 23.01.2014 03:23

Back in the 60's a travelling American met a travelling Russian, and they got talking about the greatness of their respective countries. The American said, "In America, we can say anything we want, if we want to call the president of the United States an idiot, we can" The Russian replied, "We can call the President of the United States an idiot too" But in all seriousness, the US seems to be more and more like communist Russia, just check out MSNBC ABC CBS etc, the news is non-news and actual news is either missing, or balanced to the benefit of the leftists, nonreligious, gayists, killyourbabyists, etc.


mergon 22.01.2014 11:29

Yes but what does it breed ? we now know that the government and its agencies spy on our every move for socio economic reasons ,there are people that are fighting back ,and there are facts like in a certain very busy part of the UK motorway network the police have lost a lot of cameras and keep loosing these cameras ,in one raid they lost 15 ,the police try to keep details like this quiet ,but whats happening here is that people are fighting back ,people dont like spied on and will find ways to slow the machine down !


Marius T. 29.08.2013 15:02

"Only the nieve?" Lots of us have fists, dude.


Peter Boyle 28.08.2013 15:05

Only the nieve would expect different. How about a panel of top Scientific experts from major universities who actually know about the technology? Once we find out the truth about what CAN be done, we can discuss whether or not it should be done. Right now most people have no idea what is possible and what isn't. Think about the Texas professor who showed he could hack into a drone and take over control? He would be a good panelist. Keep the policy hacks and politicians out of it. We do not need another "Warren Report" or "Project Bluebook".

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