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​Obama in Saudi Arabia: Will Riyadh really go it alone?

31.03.2014 00:47

Saudi officials are highly displeased over Washington’s overtures to Iran and reluctance to strike Syria and have threatened to break away from the US sphere, but the monarchy may still see an oil-for-security partnership with the US as the safest policy.

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Jesus 06.04.2014 03:57

james greer 01.04.2014 05:39

America is looking to start another conflict, ? Could be North and South Korea?? "But they are looking." ""Gotta keep those arm's sales up''


That may have been a cute comment. If it weren't on RT.

2012 US arms sales 8.760 billion dollars

Russia arm sales 8.003 billion

I just don't get why you would even post that comment.


Asimpleguest 01.04.2014 04:55

Saudi Arabia will go with Israel (and maybe with Quatar and Turkey) to destroy Syria and Iran. They always are ready to finance and create a war.


Willy Dakota 01.04.2014 04:03

Obama at ME terrorist HQ !.How many more terrorists do you think we can muster into Syria,Egypt,Libya,Ir aq etc ?, Oh with our combined money & resouces hundreds of thousands !,Ha ha ha ha ha.


Mike Littlefield 31.03.2014 23:49

I'm reminded of the old saying: There's no honor among thieves.


mrsamerica 31.03.2014 17:45

We must become better friends with Saudi Arabia becaue when fracking turns our country into a desert we will need the Saudis to teach us how to live in a desert.


Oppressed western minion 31.03.2014 15:14

BillBo 31.03.2014 10:13

Not only is the US in an oil boom, it will soon become the world's top oil producer, beating out SA. Who would have thought that even 10-15 years ago?

At what cost?
All the oil you have that is being accessed through fracking is going to destroy your environment and poison your water supply.
So in the end you will just turn the USA into a polluted desert to make the 1% richer.


Chris S 31.03.2014 14:05

What can you say about a man that wears a dress and paints on facial hair with a magic marker?


Frank 31.03.2014 12:19

Amen Don F, could not post it any better myself.


Nick 31.03.2014 11:34

BillBo 31.03.2014 10:13

Not only is the US in an oil boom, it will soon become the world's top oil producer, beating out SA. Who would have thought that even 10-15 years ago?
I wonder what will happen to these OPEC states in 200+ years when their oil isn't needed nearly as much???


Sh ale gas and oil is not cheap to produce. OPEC and others can agree to lower prices which will make shale oil and gas production non-profitable.
And the results of tracking can be devastating.

So the future is not so bright as it seems.


Tristan Patterson 31.03.2014 10:47

Ha ha, poor fake Saudis. Iran has the backing of its people, you have the backing of a fickle fair weather friend. Better keep the cheap oil flowing or you'll look like the bully with the bloody nose very shortly.


aryan 31.03.2014 10:40

Sadam used to say Iraq has centuries old civilizattion. But he was vanished by USA. Now Iranians utter the same words. In fact these are the words of late shah Pehlvi. Iranians are themselves Shittes and abuse Sunnis who are in fact real muslims and custodian of holy cities of Makkah amd Madina KSA


Taju Olaniyi 31.03.2014 08:33

If Russian know all this, why will Russian failed in providing Iran with S300.

One day Iran we be on the side of the west, Russian we pay for been a betrayer.


DoAsk DoTell 31.03.2014 06:45

Our oil-addiction car toys and over-industrializati on have frozen our minds to remain in the 20th century mindset...

Corporatis m & War machines automatically for oil/resources/slaves ... as a way of living sustainably?

Debt/loan/credit = money (redshield money power structure and US servants), Usury, digitally QE finance running over $100+ toilet paper dollars) blindly let us plunder our home planet for more QE $1000+ trillion garbage derivatives universe...

the world is a mess, because the concentration of power in a few hands => mis-pricing of everything


Lord Anonymous 31.03.2014 03:01

The Oil mafia nation can't produce anything but oil and terrorist. How pathetic. They desperately need US help for everything.

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