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Obama ‘should be grateful’ for face-saving chance to backpedal on Syria

10.09.2013 02:20

President Obama should curb threats of a US military strike on Syria by joining Russia’s "face-saving" proposal for Damascus to give control of its chemical weapons to the international community, independent researcher Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich told RT.

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Lisko 11.09.2013 08:07

Edward Dover 10.09.2013 13:07

. This plan checkmates the rebel filth and their warmongering foreign backers.


We can only hope so. We remember the role the Saudis had in 9/11 and how Bush & Co let them off the hook. The Saudis control al-Qaeda and the Qataris al-Nusra and the US/UK/Fr back both in Syria. In the US we need to push for not only impeachment but trials for treason for all Americans involved in supporting these terrorists. How many beheadings is this policy responsible for? Congress - put them in irons. Only this will save America's face.


Lisko 11.09.2013 06:41

I can't stand looking at this dictator anymore. His mug reminds me of petty despots placing their mugs on walls in 3d world countries. I hate Obama. Put all the treasonous WH in Gitmo!


thesideoftruth 11.09.2013 06:25

Karl Nietzschmann 10.09.2013 13:30

This is quite possibly one of the biggest diplomatic coups orchestrated by Putin. He has out maneuvered the US on this one - so far.


Pu tin is our Hero! Like him or not. He deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, NOT Obama.


thesideoftruth 11.09.2013 06:23

Scott Chester 10.09.2013 18:03



To tally agree. I say give Putin Obama's Peace Prize!


Daniel Burgess 11.09.2013 00:59

Agreed Obama should show more appreciation for this Opportunity he has been given & not agrovate anyone further during this period by pushing to hard & to much

All though I do agree there will be some degree of pressure required to keep on Syria to make sure they do carry out there promises & that they do not get forgotten about


Chrissy Cunningham 10.09.2013 18:58

@ Mr. Dennis B. Zwolle

I am one of the American's that is aware US economy and dollar is on the vurge of collapse. I hope it happens soon and quick to knock these greedy politcial figures and illuminaties off their high horse. Many American's live in poverty and day to day stress of how they will pay for their basic needs. None of this is spoke of... our government does not care and this is obvious.


Mr. Dennis B. Zwolle 10.09.2013 18:37

Yes, the petro dollars i thought seem to be an issue that many united state citizens may not be aware of. And the BRICS Monetary Fund which will be a welcomed alternative to the WB and the IMF, third world and developing countries will be able to get funding without selling their souls....and perhaps they could actually create a democracy that is grown from the unique of realities of their cultures. I'm so relieved. I think that we will have much to be grateful for in the coming years, and so great for our children to see....and to aspire to .


Chrissy Cunningham 10.09.2013 18:12

The man who bluntly told McCain that Obama, McCain and all of their colleagues should be arrested for treason and terrorist attacks, I strongly agree with. Obama is given a chance here to pull back his hungry war agendas but no one in America believes he will abide. The idea to attack Syria comes from insidious reasons:

1. The natural energy pipe to move energy to Europe
2. The easy access to Iran for their oil
3. The US dollar being shunned as the oils payment


Scott Chester 10.09.2013 18:03

Of course bozObama should be grateful, however with the fool's track record, he will find some way of mucking the whole thing up to the point of further embarrassing himself in front of the entire world & making a feeble attempt at sounding as if a solution were all of his own doing. In the meantime, I applaud Mr Putin for his insight & willingness to diffuse the situation, at the very least on the international level.


Roxy Chick 10.09.2013 16:34

Great move Putin, obama go back to africa you have no right to rule in america!


g br 10.09.2013 14:57

Now if putin could only help his people get more freedom/democracy, and help his people become more prosperous he could really go down in history as something special. I think putin loves power and wont do that, but still, hes made some (at least face value), very honest/moral decisions. I think the US and Russian people really like each other a lot, but our governments get in the way with their corrupt greed and power struggles. Our US government stole 30 trillion from us through the fed, and lies to us daily and violates our constitution. How do you think we feel lately...


g br 10.09.2013 14:54

The NSA is illegally, unconstituionally tapping every single american (and worlds) communications and these bozos didnt know that the rebels actually fired the chemical attacks? Either that or they covered it up and lied. In any event, the US people put their foot down. We dont trust obama OR congress. Im voting out my rep regardless of what he does from now until 2014. Furthermore, Putin deserves the credit here IF this works and it can be independantly done and verified. Putin is 2/2 after taking in snowden and fixing Obama's ridiculous mess he started with war mongering due to lobbying pressures/money. Wow just wow


Karl Nietzschmann 10.09.2013 13:30

This is quite possibly one of the biggest diplomatic coups orchestrated by Putin. He has out maneuvered the US on this one - so far.


Dobrin Hlebarov 10.09.2013 13:21

This may be a smart move, but only for the moment. And it's indeed a way to distract the public from the question of freedom and human rights.
Pretend the planet is a flower pot with many flowers. Occasionally a weed or two pop up, sucking the vital juices of the other flowers. If you had the scissors and gloves what'd you do ? Cut just the tip of the weed and hope it will dry out, or you pull it from it's roots preventing it's fast regrowth ?
People are tired of being in transition of one type of ruling to another. Can we just make one final blow and live some-hundreds years in peace after ?!


PJ Butler 10.09.2013 12:46

It's a shame that all of the comments lump all all Americans under the term USA. Most of us feel both elections were rigged, most despise this administration, and know this administration despises all Americans. I remember when the first election declared him President, the world rejoiced, gave him a peace prize, and the Arab declared " One of ours is President of the USA. I know, I was living in the Persian Gulf region at the time.
So before declaring your Hatred for the USA, remember 11/08 and what you were thinking at the time. Some of us knew then what would be happening today. Blame the world, Obama does


Alex 10.09.2013 11:36

No one leaned anything,off this conclusion,shame on leaders,who do not value human lives,another dirty game was played.


sumjaa 10.09.2013 09:42

At last the USA had learned the lesson, not only that the interest of it's Imperialism and the safety of Israel, but many more countries with it's population are IMPORTANT too. USA killed more than 300,000 people in Iraq, another similar amount in Afganistan, again in the name of democracy and it's Interests wants to kill another 500,000 innocents. What about Saudi, Jordan, Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE etc. ??.


sumjaa 10.09.2013 09:34

I wonder why it took so long for Obama and cohorts to think that Mighty Russia also got the Atom Bombs (not the stack up of 40 gallons of barrels to show the world). Obama's war cry was "America" and "Israel" nothing else !!. What president who took the oath on the Bible and forgot that "in Israel, there wont be a stone on top of another". It's very clearly said. Now, he had saved America and Israel for the time being until the rebels/terrorists launch the poison gas rocket into Israel. Well done Russia for the diplomatic war and you have showed the world people can trust the "Old USSR".

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