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Privacy rights don’t exist in US anymore

23.08.2013 10:40

NSA has been collecting every e-mail since at least 1997, so it doesn’t have anything to do with security, Chris Kitze, founder of Unsene, an encrypted internet server, told RT, adding that now they are crossing a line and violating the constitution.

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Branko Dodig 02.09.2014 12:01

It's a question of values.

Are you willing to sacrifice a little freedom for a little security? If you are - and people in the US but also Europe seem to be (nowdays, at least), then you can expect this sort of thing to become the accepted norm.

Freed om goes hand in hand with risk. Culturally people in the west have become more risk averse in the last few decades. You see that in the way they raise their children, in the safety regulations, and also, in their approach to things like mass surveillance.

What will the cost we have to pay be in the end, nobody knows. It's rather worrying.


Cheyanne Cody 24.08.2013 16:46

Looks like George Orwell's "1984" is our government's operating manual. Who would have thought?


mijj 24.08.2013 13:53

> 'Privacy rights don’t exist in US anymore'

I beg to differ. You try getting the name, address tel number of the *person* who's demanding your info. You'll find they have the right to privacy, even though you don't.

Ie. there is a right to privacy for the powerful and the servants acting on their behalf.


SABU 24.08.2013 00:53

why would the u.s military industrial complex invent the internet and then give you privacy. it makes no sense. if they spend that much money on a project, they will spy, and spread propaganda, otherwise they wouldnt have invented it at all. theres no way they will invent something just for your entertainment.


Riwen 23.08.2013 20:25

All I said was that I don't use Facebook anymore. Why was it removed?


Rod x 23.08.2013 17:31

USA+NSA+PRISM = Gestapo + 1984 + HAL 9000

"He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past." - George Orwell.

big brother is watching you...


Bob Diersing 23.08.2013 17:28

My previous comment should have said: The US is in decline like China said a long time ago. Alot is being hidden. Yahweh Bless Israel.


Bob Diersing 23.08.2013 17:26

The US is in decline like China said a long time. Alot being hidden. Yahweh Bless Israel


Agnes Maria 23.08.2013 15:10

And he is right. The drive to get away from North America is only getting stronger.


Agnes Maria 23.08.2013 15:02

If it is a government order, they cannot resist it, however secret and seemingly immoral.


Boris 23.08.2013 14:57

What makes anyone think that Privacy Rights ever really existed in the US? Certainly not since the creation od the CIA or FBI, etc.


Agromnoy 23.08.2013 14:24

Snoops tru telconets, smartmeters, and cams in public places are all a prelude to 'mark of the beast' system. Expect a microdevise on or in a person to be promoted shortly: a personal integrated transponder [ PIT] for identification, location, transaction, control, and eventual termination. Welcome to the new 'age of the beast'. Read the book: see who wins in the end.


Howling_Wolf 23.08.2013 14:08


Goo d for you but as long as you're using the net you're vulnerable.


Riwen 23.08.2013 13:03

I don't use Facebook anymore.

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