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Has questioning 9/11 become more acceptable?

11.09.2013 10:21

Despite the media’s best efforts to dismiss 9/11 conspiracy theories, one in two Americans doubt the government’s narrative and skepticism is slowly seeping its way into the mainstream.

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Anonymous Anon 25.12.2013 18:53

I use to be one of those conspiracy theorists, then done so much research and digging and more research. That now I am a proud TRUTH revealer. I have been responsible for close to 1,000 people in 2 years to thinking 911 was an attack from osamba bin ladan to then now knowing firmly that it was done by their own Government. Bush & Cheeney Adminstration. I love spreading the truth and I am still going. The amount of people they have told is huge. To the NSA we know the truth and we know you want to know who knows. Well the whole world is learning the truth. So prepare NOW!!! Oh wait FEMA Camps you have already. U Dogs!!


Lahcen Oizaz 13.12.2013 08:14

Jimmy Crackcorn 02.11.2013 23:01

RE: The eyewitness accounts and video evidence suggest they were not commercial airliners.


We must disapoint you. Every criminal investigation begins with the examination of the murder weapon. A crime scene cannot be understood with false testimonies and state sponsored manipulations. Planes are not really needed to demolish the buildings( not possible anyway) but to blame Moslem extremists who will take the blame. You can see the cooperation between Israel and KSA already since.


catcrapcookies 15.11.2013 19:22

I'm glad that after all these years the truth is starting to filter to the surface. I know what happened that morning so long ago and it pains me to see justice so blinded.
Please before my time is up correct this injustice. So that I may know my kids and grandkids will be safe in the America I swore an oath to so long ago.


William mold 08.11.2013 08:17

Look its like this on 9/11 we where all in shock about the attacks which was the main intentions of the day. The real issue is now if you believe 19 guys & one guy in a cave decided lets attack the biggest War machine in the world.I personally was at the Lockerbie bombing one plane that was rebuilt in a hanger & investigated with a fine tooth comb. 9/11 4 planes not a single piece a plane found at WTC1/2 or Shanksville?? Wake up 911 is another JFK & unless Snowdon is going to tell us anything about 911 which i think he will soon find the evidence yourself its all out there you just have to take of the blinkers and see


Jimmy Crackcorn 02.11.2013 23:25

I remember back in grade 10 physics class learning mathematical formula used to calculate the time it would take an object to fall from point "A" to point "B". I would love to be a fly on the wall in one of those class rooms today and observe how the teacher explains to his/her students the free fall speed drop of the towers. The fact that so many people can have the wool pulled over their eyes by the "official story" when high school physics and common sense so strongly refute that story shows that too many people are not able or willing to think for themselves. "Leaders" love these people.


Jimmy Crackcorn 02.11.2013 23:01

RE: Rod Lloyd 30.10.2013 18:50
With all due respect, I must assume you are either someone tasked with the job of making all conspiracy advocates look like nut bars or you yourself don't have all four wheels in the sand. Let's be clear, the idea that no planes actually hit the towers does not factor into the reasoning of the conspiracy movement. That approach is somewhat bewildering (putting it nicely). Whether or not those planes were actually the passenger jets they are alleged to have been is definitely in question. The eyewitness accounts and video evidence suggest they were not commercial airliners.


Rod Lloyd 30.10.2013 18:50

I just cannot believe that people STILL believe that ANY aircraft hit the towers, there was NONE it was all photoshop by the agencies hurriedly pushing it out for their willing MNM in minutes,and making a bad job of plus staged eye witnessed reports BEFORE the staged event even happened.
BUSH smoke and MIRRORS at its best, its what Amerika excells at.


Palmer Eldrich 16.10.2013 10:58

"Has questioning 9/11 become acceptable? "

Is similar in effect to saying :

"Hav e humans become slightly less retarded .."

&q uot;Humans are growing out of monkey status and starting to questions things...."

"Some one somewhere turned a TV off....."

"Sometimes humans can think.... but only for short periods..then its back to the norm..."

"Some humans have realised they are little more than retarded monkeys , this briefly made them angry, then they forgot what they were angry about and had a coke..."


JPSamulcek 07.10.2013 16:17

Geez, Just do a little research, goto Youtube and it becomes very obvious that the towers were brought down by our own Gov with Israels help of course. I'm amazed that anyone could believe some ragheads with boxcutters and no flying abilities could manage those nearly impossible maneuvers and circumvent the security of the most protected skies in the world. I'll go one further. The terrorists were CIA assets and were probably as surprised as anyone that the planes hit the towers. Those plaines were remote controlled.


goedelite 07.10.2013 08:16

Osama bin Laden was murdered by US Seals when he could have been brought to the US to stand trial in a court of law. He was silenced by order of Pres. Barack Obama so that he could not make revelations that would have embarrassed the US government. There is much that my government has to hide, as we have seen from the heroic disclosures of Pfc Manning and Mr Snowden. The US government is most afraid of being discredited before our own people.

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