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The elites’ guide to ‘rogue states’

25.10.2013 10:29

It’s definitely not good news nowadays for any country to be classified a ‘Rogue State’ by the US-led hegemonic Western Powers, for it will not only cost you billions in cash and economic hardship, but millions of lives as well.

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Rafasa Arandas 09.02.2014 21:08

An Argentino writer hating the West? Now, that's shocking...not.


Stephanie Garfield 30.11.2013 09:20

If it was Dokka Umarov, would russia have let him walk away?


Stephanie Garfield 30.11.2013 09:16

Last time i checked, Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi murdered over 200,000 iraqis by starting a sectarian conflict in the country. If anyone here preferred Saddam Hussein, especially iraqis, then they should have spoken up instead of begging for the USA to intervene. Thank you random ignorant teenager in benghazi for burning our flag. We shouldve let Gaddafi burn your home. Yes, lets all throw stones at America for capturing, and PUTTING ON TRIAL someone who is responsible for the murder of thousands. Abu Anas Al-Liby should have never made it off the street that day


Marie Joy 26.10.2013 15:55

Agenda 21


Charles Grant Widjaja 26.10.2013 13:40

You can search "Aaron Russo" interview.
These things in Iraq, is already planned since before 9/11 Tragedy.
You can search Gen. Clark. Also said the same things..

We are slave, and Run for your life! Don't get marked.


Liam Wilson 26.10.2013 12:25

There are also the list for "failed" states and "failing" states. I wonder when the world will deem the USA fit for the latter.


Dockman 26.10.2013 12:15

When the USA implodes, it will spill over into Canada. That is good and bad, as our government has forgotten that it works for us, so it needs to be reset. But, we will inevitably receive wacko yanks who will try to perpetuate their uber Christian ways upon us, the ever agreeing Sheeple of the north.


paul flood 25.10.2013 23:47

The people of the world consider the USA as a bankrupt power abusing rogue state. Yes we hate you and your corrupt military and government. Just hurry up and collapse so we can watch the civil war that's coming to you on T.V .


LisaAgnes 25.10.2013 20:11

Yeah, well, their definition of a 'rogue state' doesn't really matter too much to me. I'll make up my own mind.


Paz42 25.10.2013 20:00

To add to the reply about right wing dictators...I would add as another example that the U.S. backed Brazil's military coup in 1964 and ignored the human rights abuses that dictatorship committed for more than a decade--abuse the U.S. winked at. I believe the country's financial consequences were similar to that of Argentina's.


Torog 25.10.2013 18:32

Earl Kollock 25.10.2013 17:42

It always amazes me how these left wing nut cases never bring up the millions of their own people these rogue leaders kill, torture and rape then condemn the country's that stand up to them.


You're an idiot. There were/are just as many, if not more, right wing dictators who abuse their populations. Hitler and Mussolini being perfect examples. Pinochet in Chile is another. Francisco Franco in Spain. Etc. Etc. Etc. I could go on forever.


Earl Kollock 25.10.2013 17:42

It always amazes me how these left wing nut cases never bring up the millions of their own people these rogue leaders kill, torture and rape then condemn the country's that stand up to them.


Leendert Lettink 25.10.2013 14:49

They say 'rogue state', they mean 'state that doesnt wanna trade its resources for the petroDOLLAR and doesnt want to hand its bankingsystem over to the Rothchild family'

'Br inging demogracy' actually means 'enforcing OUR WILL, stuff it down their throat and install a dictator puppet, which we can also engage for WMD's if he gets wild ideas of giving the lands resources to the people'

The world is upside down, but easy to explain if you explain it upside down as well. Remember: the <3 frequency shows truth and brings progress and creation, fear frequency stops progress and leads to greed and destruction. <3 <3 <3


Richard Rittenburg 25.10.2013 14:07

All of man is from adam and eve and therefore every person is equal. Anything taken without willing consent is not legitimate.

The power of government is a thing. If it is taken without the willing consent of the governed then it is not legitimate. Since all men are equal including both present and future then the willing consent must be measured at regular intervals with all people submitting an equal voice.

IMO, a rogue state is one whose government is not legitimate by the above definitions and whose leaders use the power of government to circumvent willing consent by oppression, suppression, or deception.

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