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Behind the Saudi crack-up

25.10.2013 22:46

It was a great scene even if only apocryphal: There sat Saudi intelligence chief Bandar bin Sultan in Moscow, like Mephistopheles, cooing seductively at President Putin about Russian/Saudi “shared values,” looking to make a deal.

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Hitler_was_framed 27.10.2013 22:14

Didn't Putin order his generals to draw up a plan to deal with the Saudi's after the threat of terrorism at the Olympics? Surely he would make good on that threat for the common good? Or, was that just political posturing?


David Garcia Antoñanzas 27.10.2013 21:11

Anyone firing a gun to improve a country is a terrorist. Anyone helping others to improve a country is a nice guy.


Premal Kothari 27.10.2013 14:19

**Saudi intelligence chief Bandar bin Sultan** .. just so that everyone knows in Hindi, BANDAR means MONKEY.


Maynard 27.10.2013 10:51

Saudi feminism now! Thank you Ishtar!


Abu Fatima 27.10.2013 10:36

PART 2 of 2

1. Release of 2 top Chechen officials & 20 terrorists which Russia rejected but offered instead not to execute them & to hold just trials;
2. After the Russian refusal, Chechen terrorists then added 50 others held in Syria to the demand to be released;
3. France requested the release of 12 French held in Syria among them an officer and a soldier;
4. Turkey requested the release of 25 of its officers and soldiers held in Syria;
5. A GCC state requested the release of 12 of its officers held in Syria.


Abu Fatima 27.10.2013 10:36

PART 1 of 2

Dear RT, please verify or deny this report by Lebanon's OTV channel. Please do not obfuscate 'to not jeopardise Russia's work with partners over Syria.'

In exchange for kidnapped Greek Orthodox Archbishop Boulous Yazigi and Syriac Orthodox bishop Yuhanna Ibrahim of Aleppo, these demands were conveyed to the parties who negotiated the release of Lebanese Shiite pilgrims kidnapped by Turkish sponsored ‘North Storm Brigade’:


Sam 27.10.2013 09:26

Is Putin a wimp? It certainly proves, how can Saudi prince try to buy/threaten Russians? Why Russia does not challenge and just bomb Riyadh one time as a token to show Saudi Arabia, it can and it will if Saudis pushed Russia to that inhuman step.


uri 27.10.2013 09:24

Saudies are fighting to be the master of the Middle east and Persian Gulf region. However Iranian are more clever and would not let that happen. It seems USA has realised that after three decades.


StepStone 27.10.2013 07:55

The Russia is gaining trust from the rest of the world and the USA is gaining mistrust from the rest of the world including their own citizens.

The rebels of Syria connected to the USA could not gain the trust of the Syrian people. They will lose in the next democratic election of Syria if they participated.

Even the American citizens are losing trust to their government how could the rest of the world trust the White House?

The Snowden is now the most effective weapon to bring peace and transparency to our world. I hope the second Snowden is coming up, just wait.


Pangeran Poespoyudho 27.10.2013 03:28

@Ingvar Persson
The article on Jewish rulers in Sauidi was (Google it) the saud house....

I don't know if the report was true or not. The decision is yours.

Rega rds,
tjoaginsing (Googleable)

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