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Russophobia – the obsession of the UK elite

02.04.2014 12:04

The gap between the views of the elites and the people in the UK is wider than at any time in the last 100 years.

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Alex Rush 07.05.2014 00:17

They asked that the government help
Those brave people
They read were fighting dictatorship
The government had already been helping
And now spoke out in public
Those who asked were reassured

W hen in idle moments they looked again
They saw those brave people
Kill hundreds and say 'no' to millions
This time, they didn't ask anything of the government
The dead irritated them
They didn't want to wonder if those brave people were dictators
If they had been comfortable fools
And least of all
That their government was the dictatorship.


Alex Rush 07.05.2014 00:11

The 'Russophobia' of Britain’s post-war political elite can no doubt be partly explained by their ...

A typo - this should be Russophilia.


Netr Yahu 05.05.2014 14:53

Its because upon the defeat of the Third Reich; one tyranny was replaced with another.

Russia is not a genuine actor. It never deals in good faith and lies blatantly. it also likes to throw its weight around, but never against the big boys in the playground - only against the smaller people.

That is why most people of the world hate the country.


Catmandu 15.04.2014 12:30

I can see a landslide result for UKIP in the forthcoming EU elections, and come the general election Nick Clegg and his friends will fade into political obscurity as did a lot of the thatcher government when they lost their seats. As has already been stated, our media is an absolute disgrace . Let's face it President Putin and FM Lavrov are head and shoulders above all the western politicians put together. All politicians are crooks, it is just some are bigger crooks than others, and the finger points at the EU/US right now


CTVINCE 09.04.2014 03:51

Jerry and Nigel are British quitters and Communists the likes we saw during the Cold War. Perhaps your elitist educational system left you insulated from the realities of tyranny. Perhaps mommy needs to treat you to a good spanking.


JerryBear 06.04.2014 13:04

Whilst everyone knows mainstream US media are just 'rabid servants' of the corporate US, I am utterly ashamed of the BBC & ITN correspondents who have conclusively demonstrated they simply toe the political establishment line, rather than do what journalists are suppose to do.

Same goes for the BBC & ITN editorial masters - they have all betrayed their profession in the most shameful fashion.

Ho w they can call themselves journalists is beyond many of us. They're all an absolute disgrace to journalism.


JerryBear 06.04.2014 12:32

I think it's true that the views toward Russia of our political establishment are most definitely NOT shared by most of the public.

Eve ry time comments are allowed on BBC's Have Your Say about the Ukraine or Crimea, the vast majority of comments see Russia as very much the victim of Western aggression.

It makes many angry how our political establishment constantly attempt to persuade us we're still living in a Soviet era. It is insulting to our knowledge & intelligence.

Nigel Farage's condemnation of the EU's complicity in the Maidan, is refreshing courage & honesty, in a sea of propoganda & political correctness.


Morningside 04.04.2014 06:08

The old elite was able to hide, wait, and see. From comfortable safe places on this planet. This one is facing the uncomfortable truth of a world knowing the difference between lies and truth. And don,t no how to safeguard possessions acquired by lies.


Enrique Ferro 04.04.2014 01:14

It is not only in the UK, but an overwhelming trend in the elite in the whole of NATO member states. It isn't too difficult to find out why: Russia has become the only world power with the guts to mark red lines to the US expansionist agendas. And if the rest of the elites, politicians and media, subdue to the bad humour of the centre of the empire, and don't care for the opinion of their public, it is only logical: democracy has become extremely flimsy in the West, and the neo-con and fake-left propagandists so aggressive because they have the money and the power to morally lynch anyone daring to dissent.


Groovy Bob 02.04.2014 18:44

I think a more apt name for the "fake-left" ; Mr Clark mentions is that used by Media Lens: The Cruise Missile Liberals.


Hannes Coetzee 02.04.2014 18:43

Nick Clegg should study democracy as I'm very, very sure he does not know what it means.

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