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Ready to detonate: Saudi-backed rebels strap bombs to Geneva-2 talks

15.10.2013 12:35

As Syria’s rebels refuse to take part in Geneva-2, Saudi Arabia has emerged as the primary state-backer of rebel groups now trying to escalate the Syrian conflict and topple Assad by force.

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uri 16.10.2013 08:24

Saudis and some other Persian Gulf Arab states are obviously losers in this battle. USA has realized that friendship with Iran is more beneficial rather than hostility.


Aftermath Lda 15.10.2013 23:14

Iran would never allow this scenarion so the war could dag on for 5 years


groingo 15.10.2013 21:18

Sounds like the solution is simple, eliminate Bandar.


mary 15.10.2013 19:21

the saudis are bedouins and they are known for being politically retarded and incapable of long term planning, bandar and all other wahabbis will end up kissing khameni's hands.

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