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‘Lack of public debate on immigration caused Stockholm riots’

24.05.2013 19:54

Sweden should put its political correctness aside and start an open debate on immigration as it’s the only way to avoid a repeat of the Stockholm riots, Mishra Mrutyuanjai, Swedish Democrats movement member, told RT.

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Anonymous user 25.05.2013 01:24

SD is the racist party, and the only ones that talk about immigration. The others just ignore it.


G. Adams 25.05.2013 01:14

people in Europe should make a petition to Russian authorities to help us with our human rights that are being abused every single day. We are run by totalitarian Jewish regime (Barbara Spectre).

W e need help, we are oppressed!!
we are denied our own home, own culture and foreign oppressors can do whatever they want because their skin colour gives them immunity. We need a strong stance and support from outside of the EU.

Anonymous user 25.05.2013 01:04

Jewry pushes a absurd immigration policy, to destroy Aryans/Gentiles, while they keep Israel Semitic

Anonymous user 25.05.2013 00:48

Why should ANY country allow immigrants now?

Anonymous user 25.05.2013 00:44

Forced immigration and assimilation into ONLY White countries is GENOCIDE

Anonymous user 24.05.2013 23:51

The EU is infested with no other problems, then Muslims- Surprise Surprise- truth hurts at times

Anonymous user 24.05.2013 23:49

Lets see- the vast majority come to these countries to milk the system then claim victimhood.

Anonymous user 24.05.2013 23:45

I don't think Mishra Mrutyuanjai is going far enough with the immigration... no more islam!

Anonymous user 24.05.2013 23:44

Why did Sweden, Britain, etc...allowed those kinds of gypsies to ruin their culture and invade them?

Anonymous user 24.05.2013 22:31

Do immigrants lack skills to not get jobs: language, tech., ethics? Are they discriminated against?

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