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Odds stacked against fragile peace in Syria

12.05.2013 19:26

For anyone who has been critical of the Western narrative on Syria, the ongoing diplomatic circus begs a very basic question: How can countries which have bankrolled and armed the insurgency honestly broker a meaningful peace deal? Well, they can’t.

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Anonymous user 27.06.2013 20:06

The western powers should stop its interference...the west seems to seek war wherever it can!!!

Anonymous user 04.06.2013 23:11

The west is in violation of the Geneva convention, therefore IT is in the Wrong, plain and simple.

Anonymous user 28.05.2013 09:14

America wants to save Syria like it saved Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan: USA-style Death Squad Democracy!

Anonymous user 19.05.2013 01:54

yes uk /us aljazeri news outlets are focusing on stopping the cannibals,as well as the syrian gov

Anonymous user 13.05.2013 14:22

They are gonna have a meeting in order to decide if they should attend a meeting is that correct?


Alex C 13.05.2013 11:50

Besides plans to eventually implement a no-fly zone (repetition of the Libya war strategy), there will no doubt also be calls for a 'humanitarian' military intervention by Western powers and allied states such as the U.S., Britain, France, Israel, Turkey, Jordan, etc., however in reality this is akin to an arsonist calling themselves a fire fighter. The covert escalation of the Syrian conflict by these states has contributed significantly to worsening the crisis. But this was a key strategic objective as destabilisation operations generally precede direct military operations.


Alex C 13.05.2013 11:40

P3. As their covert proxy war/regime change operations have largely failed, this 'negotiated resolution' is likely disingenuous (deceit). The U.S. request for Russia to halt the transfer of anti-aircraft missile systems to Syria during recent talks on a 'diplomatic resolution' (that is inconsistent with U.S. sponsored actions) is no coincidence. These anti-aircraft systems would significantly compromise any eventual military intervention.


Alex C 13.05.2013 11:40

P2. The U.S. maintaining a fundamentally inflexible position of demanding regime change means that a 'diplomatic' resolution is unlikely. They are also increasing their support of militant groups (and efforts to prevent Russian arms from reinforcing the Syrian government).

Anonymous user 13.05.2013 11:40

The article mentioned overpopulation issues. Well they r not overpopulated now with all this killing


Alex C 13.05.2013 11:40

P1. It may be that recent manoeuvres by the U.S. (of disingenuous 'diplomatic resolution' rhetoric) is intended as a seeming concession to Russia in an attempt to manipulate Russia into cancelling contracts for advanced anti-aircraft missile systems to Syria. "Israel has warned the United States that Russia plans to sell sophisticated missile systems to Syria that would complicate any foreign intervention there" (US is warned of Russia arms sale to Syria: report, May 09, 2013)

Anonymous user 13.05.2013 11:03

If this truth doesn't trash Clinton's election chances, nothing will.

Anonymous user 13.05.2013 10:21

Israel& US are the only two countries that used WMD-s. Some nerve calling the kettle black!

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