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Tomb of Sulaiman Shah: Will Turkey now invade Syria?

18.03.2014 14:28

​Last weekend marked the third anniversary of the conflict that is Syria's not-so-civil war. This war has caused 2.5 million Syrians to flee their home country.

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AK Jan Sarhandi 24.03.2014 02:03

Turkey was instrumental even in the time of Caliphat in creation of all the violence we see in Arabia as whole. The Arabs who appointed them to the Caliphat were reduced to subject nation to such level that the most cultured language of the world Arabic was made second to Turkish.


Roc Lan 19.03.2014 07:04

Just like you can see on the articles on RT and all other Media and the reactions on them, everybody is against Turkey. It would not mather what party would be ruling Turkey right now. The western CIA/IDF are against Turkey, the Russians are against Turkey, the Europeans are against Turkey.
This is why Turks should not listen to anybody at all and go their own way.
It is a perfect example of WW1 where everybody gangbanged the Ottoman Empire.


Roc Lan 19.03.2014 06:55

Turkey will not attack Syria, and if it would, it would crush Assad. The problem is what would happen next. Just like in Iraq, there are many different people in Syria.. they need a dictator like Saddam or Assad to rule, otherwise the civil war will never stop.
Democracy is out of question in Syria.
I hope the terrorists from Europe and Saudi Arabia will soon be rooted out.


Aryan 19.03.2014 01:31

PM Erdogan is not a true Muslim nor a proud Turk,therefore he is nothing except a war criminal with hands soaked in the blood of Arabs in Libya,Syria and Iraq and soon Turkish blood as well.Zionist's stooge serving his masters agenda in Middle East.


Sam 19.03.2014 01:06

Ottoman Empire of Turkey attacked Iran in 19th century, and it was finished in 20th century. Present day Turkey attacks Syria and I can assure the world, it will be end of Turkey as well within next 25 years.


gabriel k 18.03.2014 22:15

Erdogan is a muslim Sunni fanatic,mentaly disturbed and a back stabber..he turned on president Assad because Assad would not allow the Muslim Brotherhood to operate in Syria in any shape or form..any way,Russia is keeping an eye on him..he better not try anything funny.


Denis Viktorovich 18.03.2014 19:25

"the "tomb of Sulaiman Shah [in Syria] and the land surrounding it is our territory." - ErdoGoon.

He, apparently, is following the same "logic" as O'Bummer does - "The McDonalds is in found in capitals of Afganistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Iran, Russia, China - it is our territory!"


penelope powell 18.03.2014 18:29

Interesting article by Dr. Ertram. However, the Reuterrs photo of FSA detaining ISIL fighters is more of the same Western propaganda that there are good rebels & extremist rebels. This rebranding of the FSA as being "against" al qaeda or extremist element is just an attempt to fool Western public into believing that US is somehow aiding "good" rebels. In reality ISIL fighters have admitted to journalist that they sometimes credit FSA with their own successes cuz it sounds better if it was accomplished by FSA. Search Rebranding Al Qaeda on GlobalResearch dot ca.

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