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It’s Putin vs Bandar Bush on the Syrian chessboard

Pepe Escobar is the roving correspondent for Asia Times/Hong Kong, an analyst for RT and TomDispatch, and a frequent contributor to websites and radio shows ranging from the US to East Asia.

December 15, 2013 01:24

Everyone remembers the spectacular four-and-a-half hour meeting last August in Moscow between President Putin and Bandar Bush – aka Bandar bin Sultan, Saudi Arabia’s Director of National Intelligence.

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Splash Fakes 19.12.2013 13:47

Riyahd should be nuked. And probably also Tel Aviv. The Saudi and zionist entities are tearing the world apart and they need to be stopped by any means necessary. - A Christian American of Irish and Welsh extraction.


Jan Martin 16.12.2013 15:12

just to say there is a mistake in the first sentence in the post just posted it is want a dictatorship. The PC I use has as much use as a rice field in the South Pole.


Jan Martin 16.12.2013 15:10

First of Pres Al Assad is NOT a dictator what a dictatorship try the West and allies. Secondly Pres Al Assad WILL win the elections in Syria as he has a majority support in Syria and around the world. The brilliant Pres Putin like in the August 2013 meeting looks at Prince Bandar like a pathetic waste of space and like in August meeting most likely said an emphatic NIET. US as it is a known fact is the inventor of poisonous lies and propaganda not to mention hypocricy just as it is thought their little meeting wiht the poison that is the Oppostion is about aid. Foreign Policy better off without US and Isreal.


Shukry Haramy 16.12.2013 06:51

The thought that KSA could buy out a superpower is about as stupid as growing rice in the south pole . Bandar should take Putin's "prophecy" very seriously !
The Jihadis have succeeded in one thing, and that is fusing many creeds and ethnic components of Syria into one lump, and this lump represents at least 70% of the Syrian population. A new elections in Syria will produce a large Majority for ASSAD. Putin proved to be a master strategist. look at the map, a line connecting the Pacific to the Mediterranian, From China to Russia to Iran to to Iraq,to Syria, and thus the Meditterranian. only 5 pivotal states.


Matthew Mccorry 16.12.2013 05:42

Long Live Assad. It makes me ashamed to see my country supporting terrorists, and truthfully Assad IS a good leader/dictator, far more progressive than the Saudi Kingdom. knowing more of the facts leads me to the conclusion the UK supports whatever America does, which doesnt even seem 'Democratic'. Are we supposed to believe we the people of UK could have voted for a political party that does agree with US foriegn policy??? please. Give me a moderate dictator who can take criticism, I'd respect that more than this Circus.


Danny Hunt 15.12.2013 23:08

"The US is becoming Energy Indepentent(er)" ;

The USA becoming oil independant only matters if it can remain so as it steals oil for its corporate giants as it has always done. Having stolen Iran's oil from 1953 until 1979 I'd suggest that the USA owes Iran about a trillion dollars.


Danny Hunt 15.12.2013 23:05

ronny 15.12.2013 16:04

I have always propagated


Propagated?? The heads of the serpants are in a variety of places and not only Saudi Arabia but a vile demon of a head snorts out flames of war from Washington, DC.


Danny Hunt 15.12.2013 23:01

Morgan? " Excuse me Bandy,but I have to pass wind!" "
I though you just ad from two directions.


fallenAngel 15.12.2013 20:46

Narrative may be close to the truth, taking in account the loud silence in Western media in regards of this folly of fools. Lovely written too, you need a bulldozer of sarcasm how the Obama admins handle Europe's security matter not speaking of the Syrian population.
Cant wait for some fat CNN chick reporting on the moderate Al-Qaida activists using that warehouse...


Iqbal Halani 15.12.2013 20:43

Before the opium addict Lawrence of Arabia turned these desert bedouins into "royalty" with an annual £5,000 stipend from Queen Victoria, the camel jockeys used to make do with desert sand for Kleenex ! al-saud may soon find the sound of a bulldozer near his al-Oudh grave, karma is a beach !


Samuel von Staunton 15.12.2013 19:35

Ron Chandler 15.12.2013 10:21

Laugh One: Bandar the Bonobo says Dr Assad may not run for president in 2014.


Don't say that. It's not fair to Bonobos.


Samuel von Staunton 15.12.2013 19:33

Regula 15.12.2013 12:42

How can the US talk about being indispensable for stability in the Middle East and world peace when it escalates the war in Syria endlessly and needlessly? The US should look at it own actions, maybe it would then realize that with exception of Obama's false assertions, nobody sees the US as a force for either good, peace anywhere or democracy.


By stability they mean the uninterrupted ability of defence contractors and wall street bankers to make a buck.

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