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US grabbed opportunity to back off, but regime change still ultimate goal in Syria

14.09.2013 22:15

The objective of the United States remains to bring about regime change regardless of the fact that they have been deterred from an immediate military strike on Syria, Richard Becker an anti-war activist told RT.

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Veritas 18.09.2013 03:41

Syrian civil war is basically a power-play between two Islamic factions slaughtering each other: shia and sunni. Assad={shia, secular, moderate, pro-Iran} and Rebels={sunni, religious, jihadist, pro-Saudi}. Without ongoing US/Saudi military assistance to the terrorists, this war would probably be over in a week. Saudi Arabia is trying to get the region in Sunni order for their next move of Muslim world domination. This can’t happen without direct US involvement in Syria.


Tony Clifton 15.09.2013 21:41

Of course that should read "mercenaries in Syria are clearly non-Syrians," although there are still US-paid for private armies in Iraq and Afghanistan doing their dirty deeds. Blackwater(now, Xe) is the brainchild of a "born-again christian evangelical," claiming he's doing his god's work. Check out the US State Department website for photos of the real rulers of America.


Tony Clifton 15.09.2013 21:05

I'm thinking that Assad is smart enough to document the identity of the dead and wounded opposition through battlefield forensic testing via fingerprints and DNA. Many of these mercenaries in Iraq are clearly non-Syrians employed by Prince Bander and CIA/Mossad.


Tony Clifton 15.09.2013 20:59

I keep hearing about the "opposition&quo t; that Zionist journalist Charlie Rose plugged in his interview with Assad. Give them a face. Rose made the specious claim that 80% of the opposition are good ole boys from Syria without any evidence, just ipso fact statements like his claim that "radio transmissions" on the ground was sufficient proof that the Sarin came from Assad.


matahari 15.09.2013 19:00

O bum ma's tough talk don't impress. In fact it continues to give a very bad image of him and Washington. Amerikans? Bah!


RichardD 15.09.2013 18:53

This is a very accurate analysis by the person being interviewed. And just goes to show how much work that it is going to be to get the NATO/GCC endless war machine contained and corrected. A lot of the NATO governments, especially the most aggressive ones, the US in particular, have severe economic problems, and in all likelyhood are heading for worse economic times before the sitiuation bottoms.

It's against this backdrop that the neofascists will have an increasingly difficult time using the corruption, bullying tactics and dirty tricks that have worked for them in the past, and they're being forced to cooperate.


ian sauders 15.09.2013 15:15

I personaly grieve as I witness the Western World being devoured by greed. How did the Industrialists assimilate the Hope that America used to represnt?

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