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Syria’s sarin whodunit: Assigning responsibility for war crime

09.04.2014 07:21

​Who crossed the red line in Syria? Figures within US intelligence circles may know who engineered the August 21 chemical attack in Ghouta, but the Obama administration has a stake in making sure the responsible parties are not held accountable.

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Emmett 14.04.2014 02:27

Yawning Man 09.04.2014 11:16

so the short version is, erdogan is a war criminal scumbag who should be hung from the neck til dead.


He is one of the war criminals . . . this is a conspiracy among many warmongers. He is just one of them.


Jaguar 10.04.2014 17:45

very good work. Even the MIT has already exposed that President Assad is NOT behind of such unforgivable sarin attack. MIT has also gathered evidence that perpetrators are likely to be jihadists. Those liable and their accomplices must be put on trial, without pleadings. Also a Tribunal of Inquiry must be appointed to investigate the role of Western governments and authorities (mainly of the US, EU and Nato) plus mainstream media editors and employees.


mike 10.04.2014 16:19

Not only is this not on any mainstream US media, its not on any mainstream UK media either. so much for free speech and journalists calling on politicians for their mistakes.

A nd no the US did not supply the Sarin which came from Saudi Arabia and then given to the terrorists by Turkey. Both of them then cry when someone kicks their shins, why is the world so unfair and why do they hate freedom.


Ron 10.04.2014 12:45

That's all very well, Nile, but Amerika planned and assisted the Ghouta attacks, then fired Tomahawk cruise missiles at Damascus. Hersh's article pointing at Turkey is a whitewash emanating from his sources within Amerika's spook community who are deflecting guilt they know resides in their own backyard.


RG TC 10.04.2014 12:01

Its a terrible pity there is not such a thing as an International Criminal Court ?

The Hague might be a good place for it to sit if such a thing existed?


Socrates 09.04.2014 12:45

I would suggest readers just go to Seymour Hersh's paper in the London Review of Books this week.


Yawning Man 09.04.2014 11:16

so the short version is, erdogan is a war criminal scumbag who should be hung from the neck til dead.

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