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Why the US, UK, EU & Israel hate Syria

09.09.2013 08:23

A young, soft-spoken girl living the Syrian tragedy spells it out with far more common sense, truth and honesty than powerful Western governments and their money-controlled mass media puppets.

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A Dalis 23.05.2014 07:54

So proud of you Syrian Girl! You summarized it like no one can. Hope to see the Syrian people grow out of this madness and stand up together to the big perpetrators who are playing you against each other! It is about time that mankind knows its public enemy and wake up to the shadow government threat to all. Time is ticking fast and a global revolution against the parasites is imperative like no time ever before in history. We are right at the cross-road between mass slavery and mass renaissance. It is all up to us what the future will be.


Henrik Roed 10.03.2014 06:47

I can confirm that this is NOT the story told in the FREE press in the western FREE world.


MonsantoGoingDown 20.02.2014 03:40

NWO also wants Ukraine. Soros wants the farmland to plant more GMOs and control the world's food supply.


Itumeleng Kgositsile Moruri Abdulaziz 22.01.2014 12:27

GREAT READ. Nations should stand up against imperialists


SSD7 04.12.2013 18:34

Thank you, Salbuchi, for bringing to light an answer I had been looking for. This article puts the pieces of the puzzle (of why the Syrian invasion?) together.


douglas snow 01.12.2013 00:40

At last an explanation that I can understand. Official news about Syria in the U.S. and the U.K., with its weird pro-Israeli bias, is obfuscatory and nonsensical. This is clear, level-headed and insightful.


Pete Anderson 23.10.2013 18:31

Excellent article, I think we need to adopt some of these principals in western Nations.


Zeeman 26.09.2013 18:49

... and ignore post of this zionist supporter Nathan Stein.

He is just trying to defend the world's crimanals, criminals that will be taken down.
rest assured of that Mr. Stein.

It is amazing that those that consider themselves to be "God chosen ones" and who are considered to be "intelligent&qu ot; cannot see how all of this will end and how they will sugffer, once again, because they are supporting the evil instead of supporting the life.


Zeeman 26.09.2013 18:45

Excellent article by informend and very intelligent young lady. I know that this is 100 % truth because this is EXACTLY how they broke up Yugoslavia, by using the same methods. It was the same gang of Zionist international criminals that were behind it. .

spred this article it out!


Aydein Arabshahi 26.09.2013 00:08

Guess where f Nathan Stein is from & his values. Straight into discredit & attack the author same tactics the media has with anyone who question the propaganda we in the west must endure . Reality is that its a good article but first reason should have been Syria doesn't sell oil for u.s dollars even though it gets to that l8r but its about Syria resistance to Neo not chemical wepons or freedom


Jacob Jibe 19.09.2013 05:48

hope that the conflect of Syria between the Western Power will stop and back to normal (PEACE) ..

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