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Taliban talks: What is Afghanistan’s Hamid Karzai really up to?

06.02.2014 07:51

Whatever one’s judgment of sartorially immaculate crypto-American puppet Afghan President Hamid Karzai, he’s not a fool.

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alexa jessop 16.02.2014 06:19

I have known for many years that Harmid Karzai likes Osama Bin Laden and therefore The Taliban, SECRETLY and was planning long long ago to sign and make deals with them even though many fine soldiers from many countries were spilling their blood and brains for a useless bunch of Fanatics who only wanted to kill and hurt people for their own selfish means.


Greg Allen Getty 08.02.2014 20:01

In "Bin Laden: The Forbidden Truth," Brisard and Dasquie quote a threat to the Taliban "Accept our offer of a carpet of gold, or we bury you under a carpet of bombs."...but they wanted hospitals and schools ...the rest would have been 'history' if we hadn't slipped into the alternate reality of the 'post 9-11 world' where the suspension of national IQ or the laws of math and nature allow steel frame structures for the only time before or since to fall from fire...and letting the US charge Afghanistan for the costs of the demolition of 3 asbestos laden towers after it's air defense stand down and 2 drone crashes


Alexander Becz 07.02.2014 15:18

Real question is, who will swoop in first once the US Army is out.
Puppet or not, you need to maintain a level of intelligence to survive in that environment.
So he is simply trying to see whether the "ousted ones" would be the ones that he could cooperate with.


Norberto Triemstra 07.02.2014 03:58

USA has none to blame but themselves.

They opened the Pandora's box influenced by the sirens chant (aka Jewish lobby wanting revenge on Saddam on behalf of Israel, expensive for the tax payers though....) by happily invading Iraq and Afghanistan, "mission accomplished".. . and the WORLD is watching to see HOW they are going to CLOSE it or if it will remain open to hunt them forever....


Norberto Triemstra 07.02.2014 03:52

Crypto ?

No crypto at all, he is a REBEL US puppet...

H e is a gambler and he is gambling his shirt on maintaining power even working against his puppet masters, he is like Pinochio (in many senses), he is a puppet endowed with his own life and WILL...

He still relies in USA and USA knows that they have NO OPTIONS but support him whatever he does or says....


Sultan Aziz Zekria 07.02.2014 03:18

The fact is Karzai himself is one of those racist and Satan Pashton he knows if US stays in Afghanistan Taliban would never be able to come back in power,but he doesn't want that he does want his terrorist cousins come back and genocide the poor pple of Afghansitan.
we all know he is a puppet he was given power by USA now he is acting like he is someone since we all know he is the most Evil presidnet of Afghansitan in the past 300 years.


David Blomstrom 07.02.2014 00:49

The Afghan freedom fighters rank with the Spartans as history's greatest heroes. While the Spartans fought the Persian hordes, the Afghan freedom fighters took on TWO superpowers - the Soviet Union and United States.

Bef ore this pathetic war finally ends, I hope they get a chance to make the U.S. military feel some real pain. It would be cooler than H*ll if they could destroy an entire U.S. military base. Fortunately, modern technology makes that a real possibility.

Viva la revolucion!


James Bond 06.02.2014 20:14

" Karzai well knows he needs to cut a deal with the Taliban; otherwise his successor, to be chosen in next April’s elections, will be crushed by them. "

Real ly?
As Karzai steps down, BSA/SOFA will be signed within the next 2 weeks.

At least watch Afghan TV channels rather than spreading wrong information.

Abdulla Abdulla or Ghani will be next president of Afghanistan and both of them are ready to sign BSA/SOFA without any pre-condition. so stop spreading wrong info. The U.S will stay in Afghanistan at least another 10+ years and that's confirmed for sure!!!


paradigm-respawn 06.02.2014 18:04

Gaming the Great Game - the US Fails to grasp Victoria's Sceptre


Chris S 06.02.2014 16:50

With Karzai it's all about money for him and to he-- with the Afghan people, plus now has a campaign to run.
The people would be well rid of him.


Don NunyaBitness 06.02.2014 16:07

Poppy production profits- hes counting poppy production profits for the corporation of wealth - his master and all governments master.


Peter Jennings 06.02.2014 13:52

The US admin have to get it in their heads that Afghans don't want US bases all over their country and who could blame them. I wouldn't want ignorant and often uneducated armed grunts walking about my community with ammunity from prosecution.
The Taliban and Kazai have to realise that the vast majority of their own people don't want a return to the old days of backward looking tribal law, which benefits the few and holds back the advancement of their country.
Afghani stan has a lot of wealth in the ground and this could easily be used to improve their country for their people.


Sam 06.02.2014 13:36

Naïve isn't the word fit for Pepe Escobar or RT, what is the next word that can describe the ignorance and simplicity of Pepe?
Talban fight for power, money and women. There is no mullah in Afghanistan who will not fall for a beautiful woman and a beautiful young man, and there are a lot in the western world and Saudi Arabia to be used for this purpose. Saudi money is no secret to any one and arms and ammo from the west isn't secret either. AND WHO CONTROLS ALL THESE FACTORS, I leave it to readers!


BernardV 06.02.2014 08:27

The US will not stay in Afghanistan unless they are given immunity from prosecution for crimes committed. A US serviceman on trial for murder in an afghan court would be the end of any US administration.

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